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Lowes poor customer service

Sent the following email to Lowes but still no answer from them. Very bad customer service at the local store as well, nobody knows what client relationship means. To: customercare@***.com Subject: Customer Service Complaint Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 20:33:35 -0500 Hello, I would like to express my frustration regarding my recent Lowes' poor customer service. On November 28th 2011, I purchased a new refrigerator (value of $2,399), a new washer (value of $999) and a new dryer (value of $1,099). Upon purchase of these large appliances, I set the delivery date to be two months in the future (January 28th 2012). One week before the agreed upon delivery date, I was informed that the washer and dryer were no longer in stock and were not due to be in until February 10th 2012 or later. I was dismayed at this information as I had thought that ordering an appliance two months in advance would certainly guarantee its availability or if nothing else, that I would be forewarned that this item might not be available at the time of purchase. Regardless of the inconvenience caused due to the delay, I decided to proceed with getting the fridge delivered on January 28th (the date originally set for all three). A second and equally as dismaying experience was experienced during the delivery of our refrigerator. While attempting to bring the refrigerator into the house, the delivery men dropped the fridge to the ground against a step. The delivery's men briefly looked at the fridge and noticed that the front door was smashed and damaged. They continued moving the fridge into the house and told us that they will put a note to replace the fridge door. I understand accidents happen, but it was the response from Lowes afterwards that I found upsetting. 1) I still have not been notified when would the fridge door be replaced. 2) When I called Lowes to inquire about this, they seemed ignorant of the fact that it was dropped at all and gave weak answers as to when it would be possibly in stock and replaced. 3) I have some concern about possible long term damage as a result of the drop. (I can see damage to the exterior, but I have no way of knowing whether the delicate internal workings of the compressor or engine have been affected) Even upon asking, the delivery men seemed ignorant of warranty details or what further action I should take as a customer if issues should arise. I have really tried to be patient and understanding throughout this whole ordeal, but I feel as if Lowes is not treating me with respect as a customer. I am a first time home buyer and have quite a few projects on the horizon. Up until this ordeal, I had always considered Lowes to be my go-to place, but I am now continually frustrated by the customer service and am left with resorting to competitor home improvement stores. I hope you will understand my frustrations and agitations.
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Local Lowe's store in Clayton, NC: I have never been treated so rudely by a store clerk and to top it off, Russel, the Assistant Manager stood there when I voice my complaint and just kept saying, "a, huh, a, huh, a,huh...sorry that you had that you had that experience, I'll have to look into that, anything else I can do for you?"


Thanks all for your advices and remarks. I was waiting to see some improvement and write back here a positive update on how things are all cleared out, but unfortunately the experience just keeps on getting worth and worth.

A- Talked to the manager who agreed to exchange the fridge. So last weekend got the new fridge delivered and was very grateful for that, BUT yesterday I realized that's the freezer temperature is sitting at 54 degrees (65 degree for the house temp). I tried power boost and set the temp to -2 degree but the freezer is not cooling down. Repair team is on their way for Friday, but was told even though I am within the 7 days, the fridge could not be exchanged because anyway this fridge is being discontinued. So more to come on this ...

B- In the meantime, washer got delivered and despite the fact delivery went well, found out the back plate behind the washer is dented. Called Lowes and waiting on a plate replacement supposedly ordered.

C- Still no dryer. Maybe first week in March.

So either I am very unlucky or there is something majorly wrong in the flow between the purchase and the delivery of appliances from either the distributor, lowes or any third party intermediate companies.

This is costing me lots of time spent off work, on phone or at the store to deal with those issues.

This is also getting a fairly expensive delivery for Lowes. 3 round trips for 1.5 appliances so far.

I do appreciate Lowes policy regarding any kind of deals they have, to keep it as same discounted price and their "free delivery" as "dear sir" mentioned, although if I knew the delivery of appliances was going to be so painful, I would rather spend more money and have something delivered once and for all with no issues.

(Note: I don't recall the sale man informing me of large delay due to black Friday sales, maybe it just slipped his mind. I was told that there would be no issue getting it delivered by January)


I know it is a bit inconvenient for you to have waited so long but I can assure you the washer and dryer is not available you purchased all the items you are talking about during a black Friday event and were almost certainly told that you would be backorderd indefinetly. The items you spoke of were also purchased at half your stated price.

Cost cutting measures have led Lowe's to go to third party delivery companies and sometimes the "free delivery" you get becomes a costly inconvenience for you. Further cost cutting measure have led Lowe's to remove any incentive for me to give one more single thought to your problem.


Call the appliance department at the store you bought the appliances from. Ask to speak with your salesman.

If they arent available ask to speak with the department manager. Tell them you want a new fridge.

Im an appliance specialist at lowes btw.

On this black friday stuff we dont even know when we are going to get back in stock. Relax we will take care of you!


Call your credit card company immediately and dispute the charge. If the item is damaged as you say it is, that will get action from Lowes. If they are hurt in the pocketbook, they will respond!


If the delivery guys damaged the refrigerator when they delivered it, why did you not refuse it. I sure hope that you did not sign the papers once they made the delivery.

You should have told them you did not want the damaged one and they would have taken it back to the store and had another ordered for you.

The same thing happened to me when they delivered my washer and dryer. It fell off the dollie when they unloaded it so I refused it.

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