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Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep Yonkers, NY

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Sales managers name is actually Andrew Floyd. A busy guy when ever you call and visit.

So my assumption is there are alot of complaints or unhappy customers. I signed the contract gotta deal with whatever this vehicle does for me but TRUST me they won\'t ever get any recommendations. Not even my most hated rival, enemy or a freakin *** bag would get my recommendation for this dealership. Should\'ve kept it moving when I left.

***. Lower Westchester and Bronx Folks please listen and don\'t bother with these folks you\'ll get a much better deal at Whiteplains or Riverdale.

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they had this GIMMICK sale November of last year. Basically you choose what you're willing to pay monthly. All "BS"..................I was hestant at first but they wanted me to trade from Hyundai Sonata for a Grand Cherokee after wasting all day. My deal was a *** one. You gotta read the fine print people. I thought i was financing 72 months but it's actually 75. They promised me a Navi w/rear view camera but when I look over paper work a charge for $1400 mysteriously appeared with no explanation. Not once was I offered an extended warranty but they wanted me to pay for something they said they'd include. Needles to say still unhappily in this *** vehicle. Has had issues with AC unit. Complained about suspension and rough bouncy ride but was told they are all like that. This was day 2 after I traded for this ***. Sales Manager Anthony Floyd told me that this wasn't Macy's and that if I thought I could just leave this vehicle mind you I just got it saturday and was back *** about it MONDAY. This was not going to happen. Mind you finance company had no idea who I was. MY GUT feeling is I could've but since I don't know these laws they GOT me. Horrible dealership. Theres more. So I take vehicle for service one month and a day later for bouncy rough ride. They tell me I need front end alignment and that I am responsible for it. Needles to say it took 2 days of leaving my vehicle there but it was paid for by dealer but problem never solved. I took to another JEEP dealer in Whiteplains. Turns out my back SHOCKS were busted and leaking. Problem solved much better ride since. All aboput the MONIES and screw the consumer. Iam a hispanioc male with a great paying JOB and sense but that goes to show you can still get robbed. Any dealer in which you see the owner involved is NOT A GOOD one. All about making that sale. I can't stand these people if there were no laws against shooting people I'd have wasted them all. TRUST me don't deal with this dealership.
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westworld1 what do I do next time I run into a problem where I really don't want the car because of this and that? i can live with the deal I signed.

This is affordable although cost me 2k out of pocket i can live with being ripped off but don't believe my investment will last me the length of contract. Since you seem to be an expert tell me what do I do next time.


OMG :cry You people need to educate yourself...all you need is on the Internet to get best price. DO NOT get in rut of how much you are willing to pay monthly.

Get bottom line price of figure out the monthly payment. Go through Internet sales person once you know what you can afford. TELL them what YOU will pay for the car.

Be prepared to walk out. They will call you if your price is in the ballpark of reason.


I need folks to read this complaint of mine and spread the word. This is the only way these folks will listen. Crooks would be nice to get a car w/o all the middle man ***.

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