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I hate Walmart! I'm Lea and I DEMAND good service!

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW I WAS TREATED AT WALMART TODAY! I had just had a good lunch at McDonald's, having my daily meal of 5 Big Macs, 10 large fries, 50 chicken nuggets and 10 diet sodas because I'm trying to not go over 500 pounds because 490 is enough. First...
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Hey all idiots stop threatening this nice lady or else I report all of i

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MsLea hates Walmart. we get it already.

MsLea, please stop posting your complaints about Walmart. we get it. you're a fat b**itch that has nothing better to do but eat fast food all day, harass employees, pretend you have a husband and pregnancy and of course, spend A LOT of time on this site. you're serioiusly nothing but a psycho with an eating disorder, you *** fat pig. I'm so sick of seeing you post on this site about pointless ***. the customer isn't always right because you're NEVER right with your constant, crazy complaints. I hope you continue to have bad experiences because you're a selfish, lonely loser with an eating disorder that harasses too many people. go on a diet, learn how to be a normal person and stop being such a *** if you want a partner then go move in with trailer trash Anonymous from Mississippi. you two lunatics would make a perfect couple. you could eat fast food all day long while you talk about how much you hate Walmart and Target. *** crazy losers.
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It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


maybe you ought to actually be Mrs Lea?


I don't think Mrs. Lea appreciated this post. Maybe you ought to be nicer to her.


This is a pretty interesting comment. In light of all of the recent Wal-Mart comments, one could even say hummmmmm. :x


Both really.Group life is uslluay very inexpensive, say $6.50 for 100,000 face. Term cannot uslluay compare with the cost of group live.The real benefit is that if you have term, you own the policy.

As long as you make payments, you have coverage for the term. Group uslluay is lost if you leave the group, cease employment relationship, business closes, lays off, changes benefits, or benefit providers. Group may give you rights to convert group policy to yourself in the form of whole life (expensive) policy upon termination.You have no control with Group. You have control with Term.My recommendation would be to price compare.

If Term policy is within say 35% of the group cost, buy all term and for the face amount that your responsibilities to your family are. If group is dirt cheap, buy all you need through the employer. Then in addition, purchase Term in around 1/2 to 3/4 of your needs.

This way if you lose employment, you still have protection for your family. Regardless of possible changes in your health, you have the bases covered.Hope this helps.


That was ***. Don't know why they censor the g word on here??


Patrick(IHateStupidCustomers), are you ***?


you might be right Jedi, Bernie could be made up. or maybe he really does work for Walmart Home Office but he doesn't even know Lea.

Lea stalks him after she had to call Home Office one time to complain about how the Walmart employees didn't polish her shoes. and didn't make cheeseburgers on the display grills for her because she was hungry again even though she had stopped at McDonald's 10 minutes before.


Mrslea is a very hateful and bitter person. I wonder if her real husband killed himself and in her fantasy she made up Bernie.

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*** Target!

Target, you're responsible for turning a man (or possibly a woman) into a psychopath and a ***. I'm talking about an Anonymous *** from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. they might have been a normal person at one point. but when Hurricane Katrina knocked them on their head, you made him more insane. you wouldn't let him return his dirty bed sheets and boxes of cereal that were ruined by the floods! that put her even farther away from being sane. now not only do they spend every day bashing you, they also stalk children and make *** posts. they also tend to use many smiley faces to show that they're a simple minded freak but the reason for that is still unknown. so thank you Target. not only are children afraid of this man, or thing I should say.. he's lost his way of life and can't find himself. I just hope he realizes that Pissed Consumer is not going to answer his problems for him. Target, the least you could do is provide the best psychiatrist for him or at least find a mental hospital. he's too dumb to even know what those are. thank you for your time and here's me hoping that this lunatic will stop sooner or later. if you see this, you may eventually see him posting some odd comments on here as usual. instead of trying to make sense for once.
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It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


I still can't believe how insane that Anonymous poster is.


One does not simply start a new sentence without caps. Sir, therefore you have no right to criticize someone's grammar.


barney, you suck at realizing the point of the story.

and Anonymous, you just love to avoid the truth don't you? :grin you're in denial to the point where you STILL fail to answer any question, you still fail to be capable of paying attention to a topic at hand because you're too worried about getting your irrelevant points posted here, and of course you still fail to admit that you have some problems to work out.

yeah, maybe I have posted some ridiculous things about you. but that's about all I can do when you still fail to explain why you do some of the psychotic things that you do. so until you can do that, you're still a *** psycho that lives alone in a trailer park.

don't like it? well deal with it, lunatic :p :p :p










OK then, Joan.

Since you are an elderly and retired person, let me make this clearer for you.

This complaint is laughable to everyone else.

No one was knocked in the head, no one tried to return a box of cereal or dirty bed sheets, no one is a psychopath or ***, no one went insane, no one has lost their way, and no one is a freak. :upset

You need to learn to discern truth from fantasy. :x

The only truth here is that like the poster, IHateStupidCustomers, it's S t u p i d. :roll


Neither does Barney.

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Questions for MsLea and Anonymous Mississippi, Walmart/Target related

so this might seem dumb but I have some questions for MsLea (Expecting1) and Anonymous, since questions seem to fly over their simple minded heads. by the way, I'll gladly answer any of your pointless questions too. although, I'm sure MsLea won't respond with more than 5-10 words. MsLea 1. why do you constantly feel the need to bring up your fake "Home Office Husband"? 2. why are you not capable of leaving a response that is composed of more than 5-10 words? 3. why do you feel the need to constantly complain about Walmart, Target and fast food restaurants but you still continue to go to these places? 4. why do you eat fast food every day? 5. why do you point out that some stories are fake but fail to acknowledge the fact that they're not really any crazier than the stories posted from your account? Anonymous Mississippi 1. why do you hate Target so much but seem to defend other stores? even if original poster is complaining about something that has been complained about in the Target section? 2. why do you have an addiction to posting a million smiley faces, talking like a 12 year old and just simply talking like you're out of your mind? 3. why do you constantly go off topic? 4. why are you anonymous and *** people out?
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Personally, I come to this website for two reasons: first and foremost, to read about experiences with companies. Of course, one has to be careful as whether what they are reading is legitimate.

Secondly, I come here for the entertainment value of some of the letters and the folks that respond with blathering nonsense. I can't imagine taking anyone's mindless rantings seriously, but apparently some people let it get to them.


It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


yeah, that's how those two are.


Because some people live sad, sad, lives and amuse themselves by posting ridiculous nonsense on the internet. Clearly the meds aren't working! LOL

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Screw Target and their policies!

I'm so mad at Target! after we had disasters down in the South from things such as hurricanes, Target refused to return anything that was damaged in the storm. I had some bed sheets that were already ruined from my lonely nights of doing you know what by myself.. but the storm ruined them further! they were only bought 2 years ago. I should be reimbursed for my major purchase of $20! I'm also mad because my next door neighbor that doesn't talk to me.. :[ he tried to return something damaged as well! it was a toaster that got blown away and even though he didn't have it anymore, he still tried to return it without a receipt. Target should have been understanding! I would have given him double the money just because of how cute he is! plus he loves to eat *** and that's something that I like ;] I know all of this information because I have a pair of binoculars in every room, I planted microphones in his house and I *** into his computer as well as his phone line. I also follow him everywhere he goes. maybe one of these days, I'll work up the courage to make a move on him, even if he isn't willing. but enough about that amazing, cute, gorgeous, beautiful.. okay never mind. I'm just so mad at Target. I still remember when I decided to give them another chance after they wouldn't honor my coupon that expired 6 months ago. AND they wouldn't give me a discount just because I know all of the managers personal information. but oh well! if anyone else here is a Target hater, PLEASE help me with my mission. if I stalk you, I'm sorry. it's a bad habit and Target haters really get me going. BUT if you don't hate Target, I'll make sure to get back at you with whatever *** and demented thoughts that pops in my head. that goes double for you Jedi Knight Ethan, IHateStupidCustomers and BigBruce.
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It is difficult to take this page seriously. It is always easy to find faults in everyone else while ignoring your own.

It's a shame that this person has let others actions occupy so much space in their mind & heart.

Not to mention their time. Life is too short to allow others actions disrupt their lives so much as this page indicates.


lol me the bored one? I haven't had a chance to reply in a few days but you reply shortly after every comment.

yeahhhh I'm the bored one that spends every moment on here. again, I have agreed with some people that have hated Target and were treated unfairly. will I agree with people like you that thinks Target should have a 365 day return policy, honor every expired coupon and treat idioticcustomers like they're royalty?


as for your last comment.. I'm not sure what to say other than laugh at yet another one of your odd comments combined with your odd fantasies.


Down boy!! Nice boy!! Shhhhhh!!! Calm down, boy! It'll be alright. Sit, stay. Down there, boy.

No need go off on everyone that posts a complaint about your beloved Target store.

Good job, boy! Here's a treat for being such a good boy and protecting Target!!! Good boy!!! Calm down.

Target is pleased with you and the bad people will go away eentually. Easy, boy!! You're a good boy!! :zzz :zzz


Dude - is your sole purpose in life to stalk me and make up lies about me?

You are a very bored lying *** :grin


everyone, anonymous loser sent me that story to post because he's too afraid to tell the truth! and keep talking mr.

stalker. you wouldn't have even noticed this post if you didn't spend half of every day bashing a retail store because you couldn't return something. I will admit that you do occasionally have some good points when it comes to the bad parts of Target.

but any other time, you just speak whatever random odd thoughts pop into your bipolar head. oh and of course, you add a few pointless smiley faces to every sentence for dramatic effect which makes me realize that you probably are a woman.


IHateStupidCustomers -

Now I see what you're up to. :eek

You accuse me of stalking you, when in reality it is you who is stalking my every post. You judge every word I print, but yet you print ridiculous statements as if I authored them. You are the very perpetrator of every vile idea and name calling to most of the original posters on this site, from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Taco Bell, and on and on.

If that wasn't bad enough, you post a complaint impersonating me with a demented story and hold it out as though it was mine.

You are a vile, possessed person who has nothing to contribute to mankind except discord. :p :p :p :p

May you rot in your own slimy schemes ! :( :( :( I hope soon what you put out turns and bites you on your but t and you find your life in ruins!! You know, it's called karma! :( :( :(

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I hate food places and I hate Best Buy! I'm MrsLea01! I'm miserable with my life! I

NOW Best Buy has screwed me over! first every other store in the area and now Best Buy. I was trying to have a good day. I went to McDonalds this morning and they told me that not only can they not serve my *** a 10 pound burger but it was too early to make burgers. so...
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Precious, you're not hungry enough to pursue a career in writing. Go back to school and learn how to be hungry and then come back here and write me something to be proud of.

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My Walmart Complaint (MrsLea01)

my one complaint about Walmart is ever hiring (if it's even true) the husband of MrsLea01. if he's even real, he's a piece of *** husband with a psycho wife. MrsLea01, if you read this then I'll say it like I have before. you're a psycho *** not...
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"IHateStupidCustomers" let me explain the situation better your head is so far up LadyScot's intestines when you pull it out all you can do is spew excrement. It appears you have so much more time than anyone else beside LadyScot since you have as many ignorant comments as she does. It is comical that you both are so bored with your own lonely lives that you both troll this website to attack and bash legitimate complaints.

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Apple is owned by a bunch of uncreative ***

I'm sorry to the dumb owners of Apple products but they're just both so uncreative. every product they make is basically just a square or rectangle with the same looking OS on them. a Mac is a cool computer but not worth the money. an iPhone, at least to me, is a small Mac without certain computer capabilities and has the ability to call. the iPad is a large version of the iPhone that can only be used with a Wi-Fi connection. so I just don't understand the popularity. why not be different for once? you buy a Windows computer and an Android phone then you have two completely different types of products. not to mention you have a selection of computers and Android phones, not just one. I'm not saying don't buy Apple products but if you buy a Mac and have an Android phone then you're experiencing different things. if you buy everything Apple, you might as well eat the same food all of the time. let's not forget how Apple gives retail stores little profit, especially with how overpriced their products are. the only things that were always a good price, and creative, product have been the iPods. iPhones are the same every time, just a slightly different look on the outside. I mean the iPhone 4/4S only have a half gig of ram and just recently started catching up with some of the competition with certain things like an 8MP camera and high quality video recording. I'm not trying to put everyone down, I just don't understand their selling point. people claim the Macs are so good and expensive because of how they are "virus free" which isn't true. you can turn a Windows computer into a powerful beast for the price of a Mac with average specs. you can avoid viruses for a cheap price and just as long as you're not a *** or do things that could potentially affect your computer. iPhones are just for people too afraid of change when it comes to phones. and iPads are just for people who blow money on overpriced electronics or just have a hard on for Apple. I'm not applying these to people who just own a Mac or just an iPhone but mainly people who go nuts over their products with no good reasons other than they're "virus free" or that they're too afraid to try something else. oh and one more complaint, why is Apple so lame when it comes to names? the iPod was a great name at first but you've got iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iCloud, etc. what's next? the iGame, the iTelevision, the iFan, the iCar? we get it Apple, you're conceited, greedy and not creative. so we see why you have to put an i in front of everything. as if we don't know it's your product with the dumb Apple on it and the dumb person looking like a lost zombie while holding the Apple product.
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well Dale, it sounds like you don't know how to use a cell phone and keep it running good. maybe it freezes because you try to use a million apps at once.

iPhone's freeze too, not to mention the battery dies a lot faster. so not only will you need reboots for that too, the battery will just simply die way before your Android phone. but if you do get an iPhone, at least you'll have something more simple minded for yourself.

as for the *** from Florida, it's called an opinion. there's a ton of opinions on this site.

people think they can return a laptop to Walmart 6 months after they bought it or return a box of opened cereal to Target or think that their husband's position at a company can get them discounts, the ability to harass the employees if they don't do what they say even if it includes bending the rules. those are sort of opinions because it's what they think they should do. I don't work for Microsoft considering I use an Android Phone, not a Windows phone. assuming I work for Microsoft is ludicrous.

I'm sorry to burst your Apple filled bubble but Apple is pretty uncreative.

I'm not saying they're a completely horrible company, they're just beyond overrated and their line of products is like Pepsi having regular Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Pepsi Next, etc. because why they all have a slight difference, they all are basically the same thing.


I think this is the one of the most *** post I have ever seen. People are free to buy whatever they like.

If they only want to buy Apple products and don't want to buy another company's products, that's their business. No one is forcing you to like or buy Apple's products. Why are you so concerned about what someone else likes and is willing to spend their own money on?

Do you work for Microsoft and are concerned because they are your competition? Calling Apple uncreative is absolutely ludicrous.


I have my android for over a year and it's junk about 6 months into it. I will be looking into an iphone next time.


Well I have an android And it's like using a cheap pc all the time. I have 2 extra space left hardly any applications and itI freezes constantly.

Pull the battery out and restart it like rebooting a cheap computer. They got bells whistles but it's like a heap ford and or cheap chevy


I agree, these commenters are ignorant.




@Jeff too poor to own any Apple products..? it sounds like you have nothing better to come up with to defend your company full of homos.

iPod's aren't that expensive and iPhones can be bought for around the same price as Android phones, if it's with a new contract or upgrade. the only extremely expensive thing would be the Macs. which are a WASTE OF MONEY, I never said I didn't have the money.

why buy a Mac for over a grand when you can spec out a decent Windows laptop? you're beyond too dumb to post on this site.


Sounds to me like you are just too poor to own any apple products. Jealous much?


@Pulltype okay, have fun with your boyfriend, Satan tonight.

@Satan you forgot to include 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. at least the names are different so your point barely makes any sense. have fun with your boyfriend, Pulleverytypeofdick, tonight.

@jeff of course I know that. Android is not even a company, it's an OS developed by Google. so you're the wrong one buddy. I was just making a simple example but apparently, it wasn't simple enough for you.

@MauiAL50 not all Android phones are the same exact shape but the rectangle is a basic shape for phones, duh. and of course they have a similar form of OS. it's Android. but every time a new update is releases, it changes. look at Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich. all different. when a new update is available for the iPhone, it's usually barely anything. the only memorable one was when the notification bar and Siri were released. of course the idea of the notification bar was probably based on the one for Android phones but oh well. let's not forget how much more powerful Android phones are today. I used a Droid Razr but come on, my Motorola Droid that I don't use anymore has the same amount of ram as the iPhone's pathetic amount of ram. and that phone came out over 2 years ago. and if your company doesn't allowed Android to access their VPN, that's not Google's fault. it's theirs. I'm not against iPhones that much, I'm more against Apple as a whole. and if you buy an iPad, you're basically buying an overpriced tablet. a larger version of your phone that can only be used with a Wi-Fi connection rather than a 3G/4G connection.


You do realize that most Android phones are rectangles running a similar form of the same OS and have the ability to make calls, don't you? Myself, I am not a Mac user, but I have an iPhone.

My first one was a gift, then I bought a 3GS rather than an Android when I found out my company does not allow Android devices access to their VPN. I will probably upgrade to an iPhone 5 when it comes out because, rather than being afraid of change, I see no reason to change simply for change sake.

The iPhone platform works for me, so why move to a different one? As for the iPad, I may or may not buy one, I have yet to decide.

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Comcast is money hungry

I try to be understanding of stores and companies, especially since I work for a retail store. but Comcast is just selfish, like Apple. when I was younger and when my parents had Comcast, I never really heard of too many problems other than the fact that they were a...
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I've had the same type of lovely experiences. My dad actually found a real person whom's first language is English and he was from cooperate.

He gave me the number and I finally got a gs of the same guy and now I'm getting charged the fair amount m. Which is still way over-priced.

I feel your pain. They are so money hungry, it's pathetic.

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