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Santa Maria BMW-Certified Pre-Owned

I recently purchased my second BMW from this dealership. I should have realized after the first time I purchased from SM BMW that I should I never trusted to buy another vehicle from them. I owned my first BMW for a month it had less than 25,000 miles on it. Beautiful car. Shortly after my purchase something weird began happening to my seat position, driver's seat functions and then my headlights. From what I could tell this was an electrical issue. Because of all the horror stories I'd heard about the cost to repair a BMW I traded it in because I in no way wanted to spend money on fixing it if I had to. I had taken it in and the front headlight was ordered. One year later I was notified the headlight was in HA! Well several years had passed under new ownership I gave it a second shot. Bought another certified pre owned. Immediately repair lights began flashing within a weeks time of driving it off the lot. I think the best part of owning this vehicle was the loaners I was able to drive around while it was "in the shop." Anyway I stuck with it. They repaired alot of things on it that needed repairs for a certified preowned I'm shocked that I had to take in in almost every month for the first 4 months. One day a service light came on that said driving malfunction and that was it! I had it! These people sold me a car that was a lemon. Moral of the story CERTIFIED PREOWNED doesn't mean a thing! I wanted a vehicle that was worry free and I didn't even get that. I am now a proud owner of a certified Nissan Maxima and I couldn't be happier. As much as I liked my beemer peace of mind is what it's about. I've received more compliments on my new car than I ever did on my BMW. If you want to blow your money on costly repairs buy a BMW if you want those repairs within a year from buying it buy a certified preowned BMW. If you want a good car don't buy from Santa Maria BMW!!
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There is no BMW "experience" only BMW hype. I purchased a new X3 one month ago and it has been towed twice.

Each time it has been "fixed" and is working as designed, only to have the problem reoccur. BMW says "Nothing to find" and its under warranty so don't worry. No consideration for lost time and inconvenience this causes the owner. Did I mention my car has 500 KM on it?

Think about this possibility before you buy. Do you want to have my BMW "experience"?


Well I never said they didn't fix the problem, the problem was there shouldn't have been so many problems weeks from purchasing it especially for a car that was "CERTIFIED PREOWNED". Very nice customer service but when BMW service is in your address book and you know the service guys by name that's one visit too many! This dealership has ruined the BMW experience for me I don't think I will ever buy another :sigh


I have purchased several cars from this dealership and any time that I ever had a problem they were very aggressive to resolve it. I think they are a great dealership to buy from.

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