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Lowes Extended Warranty Service

Please, please, please. Whatever you do DO NOT PURCHASE an extended warranty from Lowes. They will lie, put you off. Let me start from the beginning... My Fridge stopped cooling efficiently. I called the Lowes Extended warranty dept. I was informed that it would take 5 days to have someone come out. I asked what happened if my fridge stopped working completely during that time. I was told to call back. It stopped working 30 mins after I spoke with them. They found someone to come out that Monday, This was on a Friday. This I could handle...The company came out as scheduled. I was told then that they would go back, order the parts and to call them back in 7 to 10 days to schedule coming back out to install said parts and that's the last I heard. I waited the 7 days, called them to be told that Lowes (who initially made the the appt) would no longer allow them to work on my fridge. NO ONE CALLED TO INFORM ME OF THIS! So here I sit for 7 days thinking ok, it will be fixed soon. NOT SO!!! When I called Lowes to find out why, no one could tell me. Although it was marked in my file. I've lost a lot of food... a lot of patience and a lot of trust in mankind. So, then I was told that with the length of time it had been, they would just reimburse me for the cost of the fridge. Well, then, they had all of my information INCORRECT! They said I purchased the fridge for a different amount than what I had. I then faxed in the receipt which I was told was received and they would correct the information. I was also told I was receive a "loaner" until a check could be sent to me. THIS IS A LIE!! IF they tell you that they will give you a loaner DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!! They do not do this. They want you to go rent a fridge and then they will reimburse you 25% of what you purchased the appliance for to begin with... Oh and they also tell you that they reimburse food costs... what they fail to tell you is that you only get $150 replacement cost... I dont know about anyone else, but I #1 cant afford to rent a fridge and then wait for reimbursment, NOR do I only spend $150 on groceries for a family of 7. Now here I am a month later with NO fridge and still lies are being told left and right and alas, no results... you can't get in touch with anyone at corporate who has ANY clue what so ever as to what goes on in their stores or thier service depts... So I just caution anyone who is looking to purchase an appliance from Lowes..DONT!!! It's not worth it...
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I am currently dealing with Lowes and Samsung. My washer has a very small, yet important piece broken and I cannot use it.

So, I'm on business day 5 of waiting to hear how they are going to honor this warranty that I purchased. They are telling me Samsung has no one in my metro area that can fix it. In the meantime, this isn't like my dishwasher where I can wash the dirty things in the sink.

No, I have to triage my laundry to see what is most important to the functioning of my family.

I have the word "fraud" floating around in my head. There is also "class action lawsuit" and "lawyer."


Depending on where you are from, what Lowe's you go to, definitely makes a difference.

I work at Lowe's and we do everything we possibly can for people, especially with warranties.

They're our first priorities and we have multiple people who stop and make sure the customer

gets what they need, are taken care of, and are on their way.

If we have a delay in days, we typically

give a replacement and order your new one (same model as the broken one) and get that installed as soon as possible.

Telling people that Lowe's isn't helping you is wrong, it's not all Lowe's. Here at the one I work at, we've never had someone complain about us or our work. Our people at our store try their hardest to make our customers happy. Don't bash ALL Lowe's.

Switch Lowe's if that's your problem or go to Home Depot.

Thanks. Fellow Lowe's Employee and Proud of it.


You just proved her right with your post.


The same thing is happening to me. the problem is, I am disabled, have no money to replace my food, had 6 bottles of insulin in it(over a 1000.00), which I can not replace.

They really don't care.

I don't trust the refrigerator, so who wants to fill it? they said, sorry for the problems you are having, it is out of our control.


I purchased a extended warranty from Lowes and they suck they would not cover the door self that broke they told me that it wasn't covered, but when I purchased the refrigerator they told me everything was covered. Also u have to keep your reciept but they give you no paperwork on the warranty. Don't buy it not worth it go to sears


I will NEVER buy another lawn tractor from Lowes or Extended Warranty. They are rigging it to "fix it," it's been out for 2 weeks; I was told they mowed after 2 weeks when I bought it, now more paperwork and they only give me $50 to get 3 acres mowed.

This is a horrible waste of money and a big joke!


Jeff, not all of them are my children, I also take care of some who are not able to take care of themselves. Please don\'t judge unless you know the entire story.

And if you truly DO work for Lowe\'s your attitude is another reason I\'m making sure other\'s know how you all treat your customers! I hope you have a great day!


P.C. I'm so sorry you've gone through this also.

It's a shame that customers mean so little now a days... I've sent in the request for my food loss, I sent it certified mail, almost a week ago now and I still havent heard anything back from them. I'm not real sure where to go from here, but I know Lowe's won't talk to me about it because of it being a Lowes Extended Service Problem, no one with Lowe's Extended Service will speak to me about it either. I really think I need to go even more public with it to let ppl know how little the customer means to anyone anymore....

I hope you get a better turn out than we did.

I wish you all the luck! From now on, I can say I'll only shop at the mom and pop stores, it may be a little pricier, but will at least get customer service...


We just went through a similar problem with Loew's and their extended warrenty on my mother's refrigerator...although not as extreme as your experience. We're not sure what we're going to do, but we intend to contact someone...somewhere about the length of time it took to repair the appliance and the cost of the food lost. It is utterly ridiculous to purchase an extended warrenty that means so little.


I actually would buy extended warranties only from Lowe's! I had a fridge that had a power surge, and they sent someone out the next day.

Within 2 days I had a new fridge in my house, and withing a week I had $250 to replace my food.

If you only purchased a 2 yr warranty you will only receive $150. Sorry about your luck, but I am a firm believer in Lowe's extended warrenties!

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