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I've had problems with my local Loews store in Eastlake Ca. I have attempted many time to talk to the store manager when i had issues but to no avail as he was never available. I've called the customer service number in the past. This is the only way to actually get a response from this store Manager. This time i wanted to speak to someone higher up then a store manager. I wanted to make sure that upper management was aware of issues concerning this store manager. After a week of dealing with the customer service people I've given up. For me to give up it takes a lot. Every Time I called customer service I requested to speak to someone above and over the store manager. Each time I was was informed that someone above the store manager would contact me. My first return call came from the store manager. He informed me when customer service say they will have someone from the senior management team call me they mean the store manager. I attempted this again and insisted someone outside the store call me. The next call that came was from the assistant store manager. I was eventually informed that the customer service reps are not allowed to have anyone else other then store management contact the customer. How can you bring store manager issues up to their superiors if it is company policy that customers are not allowed to talk to anyone above the store manager position. I did not give up easy but the last straw was when I did find out who was above the store managers. In this area it is the Marketing Manager Scott Kipp. I left several messages for him to call me. I even left a message with the Escondido store manager Fernando last week. He told me he would contact Scott himself and have him call me. Today I received a call from Fernando and he stated he was now acting Marketing Director and that I should tell him my problems. Can you believe the nerve of this company and Fernando, they are willing to say anything to prevent the customer from voicing his complaint with anyone above a store manager. So adios to Loew's their are two Home Depots right down the street.
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LOWE'S you *** *** L_O_W_E_S!! Maybe if you could get the name right you might just get your complaint heard!!


Ghost rider,

My apologies for mispelling Loews name in my last response. But to your point yes I was in touch with the correct Loews.


maybe your calls weren't returned cause you called the wrong number. You need to call "LOWES" not "LOEWS"


Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your comment on my complaint.

Yes I get it that most problems can be handled by the store assistant manager. In this case the complaint partially was about the store management. Going to the assistant management was not the most correct course of action.

If you have a problem/complaint with/about the store management the one place that you do not want to go is to the people that you want to file a complaint about. The most appropriate place would be their superiors. I hope you would agree.

Hi Tim,

As far as your comment "if corporate won't talk to's because you are being unreasonable".

I would agree to your point if corporate considered my complaint then denied my request to talk to them, on the grounds that my complaint was without merit. Loews policy I came to discover is that corporate has a no direct contact with customers other then the store management team. It's not that corporate would not talk to me because I was being unreasonable it was because corporate set up their system to prevent any customers from being able to make direct contact with anyone in corporate management. Or that fact anywhere except the store and customer service. Customer service who's sole job is to place you back in the store.


If corporate wont talk to you.....its because YOU are being unreasonable

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