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Lowes - Lied through their teeth

So, I purchaced a refigerator before thanksgiving of 2011. My delivery date was sometime in the middle of December. I recieved a phone call from Andrea stating that there was a back order on this item and the delivery date would need to be rescheduled. I was not in a hurry for this item so politely I told him to put me on the schedule as late as need be. He informed me that I had a deadline for delivery and needed to have it delivered by a said date. I work Monday thru Friday so I need a weekend day. He was very kind telling me that the last weekend in January on a sat will work. I picked the afternoon hours to have it dlivered and all was well. So, happy as can be on January 28th, blocking ALL other plans, I sit at my home awaiting a BRAND NEW refigerator. Low and behold I recieved no refrigerator nor did I recieve a phone call telling me it wasn't coming. So, January 29th, I go to Lowe's in trotwood, where I purchaced the refrigerator, and Andrea changed his words. Now Andrea was very nice and conciderate with me, asking me what I wanted from him. I wanted my refrigerator or my time I had lost on Satuday waiting for it to come. Neiher one of these he could provide for me at this time. So, as I have time to think about what it is I would like for compensation, let me ask you what it is you can do for me? I am currently remodeling my kitchen. I have tons of purchaces to make seeings how I have recently started. I could use all the help I can get. So I will let you decide how YOU could make it better.
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Yeah its funny how these days everyone is looking for handouts! Sometimes it might not actually be the employees fault that the merchandise wasn't in.

Did you ever think that it might be the manufacturer?????

Yeah take it out on the employee that is working there butt off and get every penny you can out of them! That is respectable!!!!!!!


Seriously, your mad because you had to wait at home on a Saturday and now you want a hand out?

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