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Lowes - Horrible customer service at Lowe's

Went to buy paint for exterior of my home... Had a girl that didn't want to move!!! literally wasn't moving. I was the only person there. Asked about colors she didn't know. Asked about prices.. she didn't know. Asked about sealers and primers for the house... Yep you guessed it she didn't know. Well you can only imagine I was PISSED. So I left thinking I'll just go to home depot.. On the way out I saw this 52" fan for 36... I said I can't pass that up. Went to find the fan on sale couldn't find it. Asked for help.. WAITED 15 minutes as another customer was waiting with me... he finally left. I got the fan after 20 minutes. I left steaming. My husband was in another area looking for something to clean the gutters the guy told him instead saying a specific place.. WHAT DO YOU NEED THAT FOR.??? How about none of your business.. I could go on but my fingers are getting tired.. Will call corporate.. don't think it will make a difference. Very dissatisfied customer..
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bet 100 dollars that i'll see u post a complaint for Home Depot next


joycie..first off lowes prices are clearly labeled under product ..if it was not priced she should have tried to help you find out the price..seeing how she didnt know much maybe she was new to the dept or store altogether..lowes associates are also responsible for MANY duties believe it or not they dont just walk around all day..they recieve customer phone calls all day with customers with many questions that a lot of times takes time to find their answer..stock the product you want there nice and neat,price it,help in-store customers,load vehicles,inventory,reset product..and many other things many times they are pulled in several directions or covering several departments at once cover lunches breaks or just lack of employees ...recognize this though when you call corporate it does not affect the upper management it affects the ones that are the pee-ons working theyre butts off for little money working ridiculous schedules trying to earn a living when they wont hire more people to save money but when you call in it affects their raises,their advancement opportunities and any bonus that could be available ..its easy to judge from your perspective when your the one waiting and it seems to be a long time but you need to think logically and think about their responsibilities and the fact if they did not see you how do they know you need help or if they did maybe they were helping another customer..dont complain unless you see an associate (that works in that dept) standing around doing absolutely nothing blatantly ignores you knowing you need assistance believe it or not people also get crabby when asked if they would like any help..


:cry :cry :cry you are not the only customer just cause everyone did not drop what their doing and help you is no reason to complain I AM SURE YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED THEIR

:cry :cry :cry

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