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Lowes - Lowe's carpet installer nullifies carpet warranty

Update by user Mar 02, 2012

After being routed to the district installer I was told no discount could be offered. I took my complaint to Lowe\'s customer care who referred to the store manager.

The store manager did provide a discount of about 20%. This is better than nothing.

Before purchasing anything else from Lowe\'s that is to be installed, I would suggest finding out who the installer will be and checking references on the installer. Otherwise the purchaser is at the mercy as to whether the work will be done properly or not.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2012
Under no circumstance consider Lowe's for carpet. You are at the mercy of their installer, and regardless of the warranty of the carpet, it becomes invalid if not installed properly. We had 15 year warranty carpet installed by Lowe's in our home, which we have rented out for the past 2 years. When we inspected our home after the renters moved out, we found the carpet is wavy and has inch high wrinkles. We had a carpet person inspect it and were told that the Lowe's installer had not properly installed it. This resulted in the current carpet condition and nullified the manufacturer warranty because the problem is not with the carpet but with the installation. We have had it stretched, but this did no good. We are now trying to sell our home, but the realtor has advised the carpet will have to be replaced in order to sell it. I have spoken with Lowe's representatives about this, simply asking for a discount on replacing the carpet but was told Lowe's will not offer any discount if it is past the installation warranty (of one year), even if the carpet damage resulted from improper installation by a Lowe's installer.
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1. Your warranty was voided by you from the start.

All residential carpet warranties specifically state they are only valid for OWNER OCCUPIED residents. They never cover a rented unit because renters abuse what they don't own. Try reading your warranty.

2. Wrinkling is ALSO caused by dragging heaving furniture across the carpet & improper steam cleaning.

No carpet warranty out there includes wrinkling because it cannot be 100% attributed to "poor installation."

3. Wrinkling that IS caused by a poor installation shows up with one to two months of the installation, not TWO years down the road which is why big box stores offer a full ONE YEAR warranty on the labor.


As a Lowe's employee, who as of today is making about $15 per hour less because my commissions are needed to insure the CEO gets his performance bonus, I have a few suggestions to get something done about your situation. Kicking and Screaming will get you a discount, you need to make a big fuss, there are several levels of management within the store, don't stop till you get to the store manager and if he doesn't do anything tell them you would like to speak to the district installs manager or even the district manager.

Another option is calling Lowes customer care center at 800-445-****, store managers are terrified of this, it is a corporate record of a problem and they have to respond to the problem immediately and reprt back to customer care how they have satisfied the customer.

I know this works because I have had many of my appliance sales refunded and rebilled at a discount so lowes could take the commission back out of my paycheck to give it back to the customer so they don't get any bad publicity. Good Luck, trust me thay have the money to fix this they just took $40000 from my pay alone.


Sad but please.... The carpet warrenty was voided after the home was no longer considered single resident.

I.e. you renting ut out.

Also wrinkles are not always from a poor installation but if they were even after year the installer is responcible outside of the one year labor warrenty because the contract is iorn clad to be installed to mamfc specs. If that was the case and u had not rented u would have them over a barrel


The labor warrenty is for one year. As soon as the problem was noted Lowe's should have been advised so the installer could come out and restretch the carpet before it was damaged.

This problem would have appeared before the one year period was up. If Lowe's was not aware of the problem before the carpet was damaged it is not their fault.


Why would Lowe's offer an installation service if they don't know what they're doing?

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