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Lowes - Lowe's doesn't care about customers

I have had several negative experiences with Lowe's within the last year. 1) the interest rate charges by GEMB is outrageous. When I contacted GEMB to see about lowering the interest rate they were absolutely uncooperative, so I closed this account. Lowe's should not use GEMB (nor should any other retailer). Their interest rates are unreasonable and not in keeping with the rest of the economy. I realize it is GEMB charging the rate, but Lowe's should not turn over the credit aspect of their business to such a notoriously horrific credit processing company! 2) Lowe's does not stand behind their products. I bought a clothes dryer that broke within the first three months and wanted it replaced, but instead my only recourse was to have it (poorly) repaired. It has since broken twice more, outside warranty. Forget Lowe's - my son has been able to fix it both times, at no charge and without lame excuses, waiting on hold and being disconnected. 3) rude employees. I just had a very negative experience with an employee who was supposedly in 'customer service' that I came up against when trying to return a product that failed to work. I eventually got a refund, but that was after much huffing and puffing, overly dramatic keying in of my credit card number, sighing and slamming of cash drawer after retrieving my $8.14 cash refund. Who needs this place?
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I find it amusing that you want to return a 3 month old appliance like it is a tshirt that didnt fit. How would your car dealer handle this?

Yeah bring it back and we will give you a new car.

No they warrant it. I agree that the cashier was rude with you slamming drawers and huffing and puffing must have ruined her day.

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