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Lowes Food Loss Warranty

My refrigerator went out, and after 3 weeks of trying to get them to repair it, they finally gave up and paid me the purchase price because they were not competent enough to fix a simple circuit card, and I am still trying to get the food loss issue taken care of. The people with the warranty are NOT part of LOWES, so don't expect them to have any idea of what is going on, because they won't have a clue, and are dumb as rocks. I got reimbursed for the refrigerator, but am now trying to get the food loss coverage ($250.00 per incident) taken care of. The warranty people and food loss people are 2 different offices and don't seem to know how to talk to each other, so good luck trying to get them on the same page. The food loss person we finally spoke to said we had to send them a written list of food loss and a copy of the repair slip. The repair was never completed and they bought out my refrigerator, so there is no repair ticket to send to them. They can't get their heads out of the ground long enough to understand what I need to send to them with the food loss list. Also, don't expect to be able to do any of this online. It all has to be done over the phone and by mail. I would never ever, ever, ever recommend Lowes, their warranty program, or a Samsung refrigerator to anyone as long as I live. It is a nightmare, they are all complete idiots, and this is taking way too long to get taken care of. I used to hate going to Home Depot, but now I love it and will never shop for any major appliance at LOWES ever again, and will tell every friend I have to stay away from them like the plague.
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Thank you waiting for the repair man now for my lg fridge. Hopefully I do not have the same problem as you.

Don't need anymore problems this month, I was wondering how to claim that food loss. It just says $300 per incident, I took pictures of everything before dumping it after two days.

Trying to get ready for Christmas dinner and with out a fridge no fun. Thanks again,


this is so so sad i have been waiting for six months now when i finally spoke to someone i was told that my claim was never sent to the claims department for food loss and then i was told it would take 14 days to get denial letter or a check and its been almost 4 weeks now im pissed but best thing i can do is keep on getting at them until i get my money they had all info and list of food ect from the time i put the claim in


Same thing happened to me. It’s been four months and everytime I call they have another excuse!


I file a food claim 2 weeks ago until now I have not heard from them


Wow! I have purchased half a dozen appliances from Lowes with no problem. Of course, I had no problem with Lowes because I had no problem with the appliances.

You have a few options: Pursue this with Lowes and the warranty people, in addition, bring Samsung into the picture as it was their fridge that started this whole thing.Keep on it for as long as you can just to make a point.

Or, file a claim with your homeowner's insurance. Don't do this unless you have to as insurance companies now want to cancel your policy after you make three claims---in all the years you are with them. Thus, 3 claims in 30 years and you are out. Also, you may have a deductible. Check to find out.

Or, sue Lowes, the warranty co. and Samsung in small claims court---again, just to make a point.

Wonderful how much better customer service in this country has gotten since the schools are failing and production of products is now in Asia, isn't it?

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