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A Absolute - Wait...wait...wait...wait

A Absolute - Wait...wait...wait...wait
Called and set an appointment up for 2 pm, it is now 7:15 pm and nobody has shown up. Called every hour only to be told that someone would be there in an hour, customer service sucks. I had new copper pipes put in my home with this water filter and it does not work properly, *** water all over the basement. They got their money and now I have to wait like everyone else who has paid and now considered second class. Very short with you when you call like you are bothering them. Go somewhere else for a plumber.
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Rockaway Township, New Jersey
A Absolute Customer Care
  • Installers were clean and polite
  • Customer service stinks
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Poor customer service
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One Source Talent - Source One Talent

I applied to Source One Talent but after speaking with the caller and asking questions I feel it was another Talent Agency scam. So, here is what you can do to avoid losing money, this comes from the many pissed consumers on Source One Talent. one other thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post, is that if an agency wants your child, they will pay or use their own photographer. My daughter did both print and TV about 25 years ago,our representative at the agency asked for us only to bring in a black-and-white photo, at that time they were Polaroid, and that if they liked what they saw, they would send this to their photographer and there would be no cost for photos. The agent stated that this is the biggest scam out there were agencies will ask you to put down $500-$700 and use their photographer.) of course if you do pay someone $500 or up they will send you on interviews just to give you the idea that they are working for you. Our agent advised us that the only cost to them would be the commission that was due them should we get any jobs. so, the only money that we ever laid out was for travel back and forth to New York to the various auditions. One other very important, and I do mean important, thing is that you have the right under consumer protection to a three day right to cancel the contract. However, read the contract thoroughly because most of them will state that you have to notify them of this cancellation by certified mail and if not received within a three day you are obligated. if you decide to cancel state so in a letter have it sent regular mail,and certified mail, return receipt requested, and send it overnight. The cost of the mailing overnight will be less than the nightmare you will have if they state they did not receive it during that 3 day period. The other thing be sure to notify your bank that you wish to stop payment on the check because you believe that you have been a victim of fraud. you may even have a chance to do this after the three day. Should you miss it (the 3 day period) the bank will then deal with that payee to get your funds returned. Once you mentioned fraud to your bank. They will do all they can to return the money back to your account and go after that payee. and, I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but contact the Department of consumer affairs, and the attorney general's office on scams and fraud where this occured, if you really are angry, contact your TV news bureau and talk to them about exposing the agency. Hope this helps.Report2. Written by Jack on January 22, 2012 They wanted you to wait 3 days because under consumer law you have a 3 day right to refuse and withdraw from the contract. You still can dispute this to your bank and say that you were the victim of consumer fraud, where they will (should) REVERSE the charge back to you and go after them. You should then file a complaint with both consumer fraud dept. and the state attorney general dept. If you live in NY contact one of their undercover news teams. Hope this helps, I just received a call to come in and after asking questions detected fraud right off the bat!!!
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Hey who do you work for cause my 2nd interview is monday but id rather work with some one who can actually help me can you tell me where to sign up.?


Im at Chicago location n please sum contract me about this scam


hey can u let me know what agentcy your in now i would really like to join but idk i got scamed by onesource but pleas contact me


Also I forgot! It's all black people visible over this operation....

No white people in site! only a *** white guy im sure he's Dominique's bestie!

now everyone knows no agency has majority black people LET'S JUST BE REAL!!!! The white people that are over this got the most unexpected person (Dominique) shes not cute and her hair was represent there company so they can make sure everyone knows looks doesn't matter!


The most unprofessional black *** I know. I'm black so this isn't a racist post.

U have Dominique very GREAT talker come in with a short skirt above her knees with some dusty 2inch boots. Then u have one Of her assistance that's ghetto but changes her voice like she's auditioning for a talk show host. This big booty girl called out this latino kids name that was Jennife Lopez and of course everyone knows thats a familiar name so two young girls laugh the wanna b proper ghetto secretary says "excuse me did I miss something" the young girls were like her name is Jennifer Lopez (which she knew what was funny) she was like OH shrugs I mean that's her name and walked off. Of course I'm suppose to go to 2nd interview I'm gonna go just to c more of this crazy source team.

But I'm not giving them any money ... They should hire me to take papers or something. BIG POINT Dominique is frm Miami ....

Now who in their right mind would move from Miami to Houston. Scams b careful this isn't ur big break!


HAVINTWINS- DO NOT GO.. THEYRE LIARS! it may seem real at the audition first time, but then theyll just seem to grab ur money...NOT UR TALENT.


They called me this weekend wanting to do a casting call for my 8 year old twins. I have an appointment tonight in Houston off of I-10.

Should I go or will it be a waste of my time? I don't want to be asked for money either!


I just came in for my second interview. I paid them half of the 450 they asked for.

I'm almost certain it's a scam after reading this and other things I've come across after googling their name.

Please e-mail me! I want to know what I can do to get my money back.

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Plainsboro, New Jersey