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Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy And Studio - PLEASE AVOID

PURE EVIL !!!!!!!!!! Okay so i book at Daria's for an appointment for 11 Am Tinted lips BIG BIG Mistake i booked with kostas and he treated me like *** and that is being nice i book the appointment all was great until the day came i was so excited i had researched for over 8 months i had paid my deposit and all. I arrived at the facility where i was greeted by an edlerly woman at the lobby while in the lobby she asked who was i here to see i told Daria Churpys she told me that i was in good hands i felt like you know what i made a great decision nope i get in the elevator i get off on the floor when i exit i turn the *** it was locked im like whats going on i called the office phone literally 20 times then after that i went to my text messages and started trying to text no answer no reply i was left on RED. I go back down stairs i asked the lady in the lobby did they leave she says no there always there i said okay well let me try again i get back on the elevator and try agin no answer from the phone no reply to the text nothing not a message or a hey is everything ok literally nothing. At this point im disappointed and Down its my birthday and i really wanted this i had this perfectly mapped out , Plus i was a hugh fan i had followed her from the jump from her methods to her techniques , Honey i was so wrong my experience felt more like i was being PUNKED,when you see people cursing celebities out for how they act and treating the fans bad yup i had my moment this day so i go back down stairs one more last time i walk outside i take a deep breath and shake my head i told myself after 1 hour of knocking i would leave note that i was at least here, so i get back on the elevator one last time and lord beholds the door opens i walk in and Kostas walks up says hello i said hey i am the 11 oclock appointment you werent here he then says well you missed is (WAIT WWHAT ) NO YOU WERENT HERE. He says no i been here since 10 am well i been knocking for an hour how didnt you hear me, he never said oh im sorry or mistake i ran over my appointment so sorry instead he stood there starring im super confused at this i said so is there someone i can talk to or whats going to happen, he then goes back into how he was here i am mistaken i show him a video of me knock nothing no remorse no nothing all i could do was pick my head up and walk out the door he pretty much aint given me nothing but a hard time i dont want to go back and forth this is suppose to be a happy experience instead i got the cold shoulder even after the calls and messages no one said nothing until i wrote a review . Around 1pm i get a message of oh this never happens i just texted this number and no one for over 3 hours said anything they said we will give you a refund and band from the facility WELL I GUESS THANKS FOR THE CUSTOMER SERVICE, im band cause you locked me out , you band me for writting a review thats true, thank you from the heart really i knew what i felt was real if i was amy you would run to the comments trying to fix it but since i was african american you ban me and says its because your scared i might make another review if you mess STOP this place is extremely disrepectful and does not have customer service oh and today is monday i still didnt get the refund.
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