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Sprint Van Lines: Theft and Destruction

In August of 2011, I started communicating with Sprint Van Lines through email and phone calls to contract them as long-distance movers. I requested that Sprint Van Lines move my household possessions from Maryland to San Diego, CA. On 9/22/11, the movers picking up my possessions noted that they do provide storage if necessary. I signed many documents on the day of pickup as indicated by the mover. The movers requested my primary contact information and an alternate phone line in San Diego, which I gave them my mother's cell number as an alternate. I identified my earliest availability to receive the items in San Diego on 10/2/11 whereby final payment was due. Prior to 10/1/11, when I had not even arrived in San Diego, a Sprint Van dispatcher started harassing my mother demanding that she receive and pay for my possessions on delivery prior to the date that I designated. For four days the driver, dispatcher, a supervisor, and another staff constantly called my mother making the same demands. She gave them my phone number repeatedly and pointed out to them that she did not have a contract with them. The dispatcher did the most harassment and threatened my mother that they would hold my possessions and sell them off for auction. On the third day of these harassing calls, my mother provided me with a contact member for a female staff, which I called but never spoke with. I finally received a call from the supervisor, Solomon. I informed him of the lack professionalism of his staff, harassment of my mother, and that it was their fault that they did not have my phone number. I let him know that all of the documents I signed had my number as the primary and my mother's as the alternate. The supervisor stated that the drivers form only had my mother's phone number, which I denied. The supervisor refused to accept that his company had made several mistakes. On 10/5/11, some of my possessions were delivered. I requested to view the driver's paperwork. Clear as day, the driver's delivery sheet had my name and number with special instructions to call three hours prior to delivery. I pointed out to the driver that Sprint Van Lines staff had been harassing my mother because he claimed to not have my phone number. He still tried to place the blame on office personnel. The delivery men were unprofessional swinging antique furniture off the truck and laughing while doing so. I had 1820s Willett furniture, which was in good shape prior to contact with this company. After reaching San Diego, my antique furniture and entertainment center suffered a great deal of frontal damage with chipped corners, a severed door *** and it appeared that the antiques were sawed as well. I had contemplated selling the furniture in Maryland rather than chance any damage during a move. After the damage caused by this company, I wished I had just donated the antiques instead. Sprint Van Lines Claims Department tried to insinuate that I sawed into my antiques prior their pick up of my items. While moving my antique buffet into the garage in San Diego, one of the mover was about to drag it over the floor on two legs. I had to stop him before he broke off the legs. The movers further damaged items by stacking clearly marked fragile with up/down directions for stance underneath heavy boxes causing additional breakages of glass items. My bike and a $100 hand-truck were stolen by the company. In addition, there were 16 missing boxes. I wrote down the missing items on the driver's paperwork. I never heard from the office to address the stolen items after the delivery date. I contacted Sprint Van Lines to file an insurance claim. The company wrote me a condescending letter that they would do me a favor and offer $200. I rejected that offer which would not even cover the bike nor the hand-truck that their staff stole. The claims department tried to state that the bike, hand truck and the number of boxes which their staff noted on the 9/22/11 paper work, which I was seeking compensation, now did not exist since I did not have receipts. Sprint Van made a second offer for $498 noting their generosity and acknowledging that some of my items may have been mis-delivered, misplaced, etc. I rejected that sorry offer as well. I researched every database, including BBB, prior to contracting Sprint Van Lines with the hope that I would be dealing with a reputable company. The loss of my possessions coupled by the verbal abuse and lack of professionalism by this company made the moving experience unbearable. I paid Sprint Van Lines $3,268.93 for this company to steal and destroy my possessions while treating me and my family rudely. The company is disorganized, unprofessional, irresponsible, and engaged in criminal practices. The interactions between my mother, an unwitting participant, and Sprint Van Lines sounded like attempts at extortion. The company had my number and email to contact me at any point in time yet attempted to harass and extract money from my mother who was not on the contract. She repeatedly told them my contact information, not that they needed it again. People should be warned before using this company and recognize that valuables may be stolen, damaged, and they may be threatened.
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I too had a similar experience with the delivery of my belongings. Damaged furniture, broken glass from dropped boxes, and missing boxes. When the total of missing items totaled $2,000 I stopped calculating.

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