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Lowes - Threatened By Lows store manager

Store 1607 in surprise Arizona had a department manager that had me carry by hand a near 100 pound 4 foot long appliance set up the tallest ladder they had by hand and when I approached the department manager and the night manager multiple times they did not care about my concern even though they have safety programs that say anything over 40 or 50 pounds require using an order picker. The final time I spoke to my night manager I specifically told him and I said this word for word because my grandfather had previously warned me about mentioning it this way, That I know my limitations although I have put down in the application i have never claimed a back injury I have had one at a previous job and i'm not going to hurt myself again doing things improperly. three days later the store manager Chuck, (who is still store manager by the way), his store manager in training Jeff who was arrested 2 years later for some sort of embezzlement crime and my night manager and the HR manager are all telling me that there is a rumour I have lied on my application about a possible back injury and if any evidence is found true I will be terminated. Afterwards I spoke to the store manager one on one because I was extremely upset by this because I have never spoken to anyone about my concern or a back problem to anyone other than my night manager and the night manager follows me in and when I tell chuck the store manager about approaching Duane the night manager and explaining what i did all the store manager had to say is that I was insulting to one of his top managers and I should go clock out. To top it off the night crew under this manager would clock in 30 minutes early during their 1 hour lunch breaks and just continue their lunch. Another incident involved some employees messing around with a forklift and hanging up wires with some employees sweaters high up so they could not get their clothes. Even after I had informed the manager of these things he did not care but wow talk about unprofessional this company I cant say is bad but this store specifically is HORRIBLE. These managers had bullied intimidated and threatened me.
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Call regional, but not the "800" number. If need be, e-mail regional HR.

Lowes has policies on hiring people with criminal background. If the person did not put this on his application, he is subject to termination. If he did put it on his application, he would not have got past first base. Rules are rules.

The "forklift" thing is harassment.

Regional HR will do something if they are contacted directly and with evidence to support your claims. You will take heat at your store, so be ready.

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