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Pumppers Trust - The hatian trice

ok i workd for the company while i was preganant. did i make money? A lil. I likes the crew except mr. Johnson. trust i dont want none of them niggas (Mr. Johnson). would i go back? *** no. that job aint for everybody. u got to have a good talk game. i was also spraying the cleaner in my mouth and my baby is healthy with no problems so fukk wat yall talkin. and fukk Mr. Johnson. i Loved bein aorund Mr. Bown, Mr. Marshall, and wendy they kept it real at all times. and of course the queen diva. every company got they own problems. its like that wit any job so get over it. the company has older people but it also troubled young adults because i was one of them. it kept me out of trouble for three months. i left because of personal issues.
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I feel the same Mr.B and Ms Austin was my fav Mr Marshall i adore. My names Darlene B baby n just like in the real world everthing ain't 4 everyone but it was 4 me


Wow. Just wow.

Good luck finding another job. With the level of intelligence you're sporting, i recommend you try for a grant to get some education. What a complete bastardization of the English language. Do us all a favor and keep your mouth closed.

By the way, Who let you on the interwebs?? :cry

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