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Downtown Animal Hospital - Overcharged, poor resolution, demeaning and belittleing. Poor experience

Downtown Animal Hospital 780 King St E. Hamilton, ON (905) 521 **** Had my male cats 3rd set of shots/rabies vaccine here, as well as having him fixed. Staff were pleasant and personable during my first visit. My kitten jumped off the table during the vaccination with the needle/syringe still stuck in him, as I guess he was not held propery by the vet tech. After retrieving him as he had hopped to the floor, the vet instructed the tech to stretch him out and hold him differently. That is fine, but she used the same syringe and reinserted it without changing the tip. Once a needle is inserted, the tip is dirty and has to be changed, even if it is going back into the same body. When I asked about that (but did not say why or that I was a nurse) the vet replied that "It did not hit the floor", and proceeded to use the same syringe/sharp tip. Also I do not understand how they could ensure he got the entire contents of syringe as he jumped off and syringe and tip were still in and fell out. Some had to have leaked out. The vet quoted me a price for him to be fixed at that time, which was higher than most vets I had called. I called about having him fixed and again asked what the price was as I no longer had the paper with figure for estimate, it had been about a month and a half since his last shots. I asked for another quote over the phone, which I was given. I asked if that included taxes and was told yes. I asked if that included pain medication and was told yes. When he went to get fixed they called me thereafter and let me know all was well, and I appreciated that, thought it kind and thorough service. I went to pick him up AND WAS TOLD I OWED THEM 50 DOLLARS MORE THAN I WAS QUOTED OVER THE PHONE. Of course, the lady I spoke to over the phone was not in. I was first offered the option of them not giving me any pain meds to go home with and they would take them off of the price so it would be only 15 dollars more than they quoted me, but he would have had no meds for pain.The vet told me several times that she had already quoted me a price (and it had been several weeks so I sincerely could not recall the figure which was why I went into specifics over the phone with a member of their staff). She went on to say that the staff I spoke to was unavailable. She then said she wasn't the owner, a few times. All the while she was interupting as I was speaking , speaking both quicker and louder than I noted in any of our previous interactions. She also told me that the woman I spoke to on the phone had such back problems she could barely walk and that she had saved 100s of cats this week; though I do not see how that is pertinent to them charging me 50 dollars more than agreed upon. They did knock 30 dollars off, but still more than they said it would be. THE SHEER CHEEK OF IT, THE THING THAT BOTHERED ME MOST is that as I was leaving the vet said "And the surgery went well, if that matters," in a very haughty, sarcastic tone. I found it quite upsetting, not only the quote difference, the very poor attempt at any resolution, bringing staff health and good deeds into it(though with what they charge those hundreds of saved cats brought in a pretty penny) in an attenpt to derail me from what my concern was and the final demeaning was poor. There are plenty of vets that wont treat you this way.
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