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Coral Palm Auto Sales - Missrepresentation of Car Condition and No Reimbursment

I purchase a 2003 Audi from The car was listed as mint condition and was priced at the "excellent condition " for Edmunds.Com. The salesman said that it did not have any known problems. I paid over the phone. I flew out that weekend. After flying out they had me sign an "As Is" form "since it had no warranty". The car had a small crack that I wasn't told about. Since I was already out the flight ticket and would need a return ticket it seemed like it was ok to eat that cost. 24 hours later the car broke down. $1,400 to replace all cylinders and lots more. They had the car in the shop for a week. 10 hours out of the shop it broke down again. 3 new cylinders and a new engine. $5,700 for that cost. This doesn't include $2,000 in flights, hotels, car rentals, and other costs. .. not including the frustration. I called the dealer. He said you signed an as is and its out of state so don't try reversing the charges. It seemed like he knew that he could lie all he wanted and I could do nothing about it. I told him I will file a better bureau report and whatever other legal actions I could. He didn't seem to care. Stay away from these guys. I did have 12 cars to choose from and this was the best deal ... or so it seemed based on the missrepresentation. Byer beware of this place: Coral Palm Auto Sales 3476 Fowler St Fort Myers, FL 33901-**** Local: 239-274-****
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Yeah that place is a total rip off. I tell every person I know not to buy from them for the same reasons discribed above.

Junk cars and shisty employees.

They take advantage of people that dont know any better then call them dumb for being minipulated. They just dont care


What an ***. You bought a used car, and didn't check it out. Next time get mad at the person who *** up, YOU!

Best wishes


You should have asked for the tail light warranty. I they can't see the tail lights you're out of warranty !

And you're an owner. lol

Forget about used cars if you're going to spend the money buy a new one.

New cars brake too but if you buy a used car there is a higher chance of getting screwed. Next time buy Honda.


I buy lots of items over the internet. Most companies cares about their reputation so the customer is satisfied. Yeah, if I bought it from an individual I take my chances. Dealers charge more because most do look after their cars.

This place doesn't seem to care. From what they told me they deal with out of state customers. I did whatever research I could and they do have a CarFax for the car. They also said there was no visible damage ... when obvously there was with the cracked windshield. On the way to the place, even the cab driver said not to buy from there. I guess their reputation is known with the locals... and by then it was already paid for.

I'm not going to change giving others the benefit of the doubt. "Lucky for me" this is the first and last used car I buy.


What a joke. This guy bought a old Audi in another state and had problems.

Did you think about having a mechanic check it out first.

It makes me laugh how dumb people can be and then get upset when they get bad results from bad decisions. I just wonder how many miles this car had on it.


If you signed an " as is no warranty " form there is really nothing you can do.


First mistake you bought an Audi.

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