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All of the posted comments only tell the half of it. When subscribers learn how bad a product is, they just change the name and start selling again. I have been a member of the Passport Club since it's inception as a new service by Agora Financial to sell more subscriptions by forming a new service other than The Oxford Club of which I am also a member. I became a member from its beginning and was promised in writing that I would receive every publication ever put out by Money Map Press and Oxford Club, which has honored their promise. After being unable to get through to MMP customer service to honor their promise I had to contact the Better Business Bureau, and since then they have complied, not that it is worth anything. Short Side Fortunes became Zenith Trader when Gilani took it over and is now 10X Trader, same worthless results as is his Money Zone, which used to be Capital Waves. Biotech Millionaires becomes Biotech Insider Alert along with several other changes over the years and several new added in the past several months They now sell 24 different pieces of crap with sexy names and slick promo's to lose you money and make them money. The worst are anything by Tom Gentile of which there are 5 including Cryptocurrency Windfalls, a total joke, Kent Moors and Shah Gilani. Gentile claims to have doubled subscribers money with several trades which is just smoke and mirrors. His first reco was a coin called DENT back in February or March of 2018 for a maximum of $0.30, it was supposed to make you rich by the end of 2018 . Most paid between $0,10 and $0.13 for it, then it went down to $0.05 and he said to buy more and when it went back up to $0.075 he said to sell and make a 50% profit. Now if you bought the same amount both times you may have broke even, you didn't make money. If you bought more the first time you're down on it as with all the coins he has recommended. That coin is now worth $0.000442, a coin that cost as minimum of $0.075 a year and a half ago. I know the truth, and it's not what Gentile says. I personally am down several thousand dollars buying his coins, the only way you could be ahead is by buying and holding Bitcoin and ignoring his windfalls. Every time they bring out a new service, which I receive automatically, I think maybe I can make some of the money back I lost. Wrong!! It's just a way to lose more. Between Moors, Gentile and Gilani, I have lost tens of thousands of dollars, many tens of thousands. Don't get taken in by their slick ads. The only one I would put any faith in at all who does seem to have some good results is possibly Keith Fitz-Gerald. When Biotech Millionaires came out I thought now I can recoup some losses ther was such a glowing promo of its editor, all it took was knowing when the drugs were on calendar. It didn't mean anything because it all depended on the FDA, most were a bust. I could go on and on but you get the idea. If anyone wants to hear more of my experience with Money Map Press, I'd be happy to elaborate.
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Hi there, I am incredibly sorry to hear this and would like to take the opportunity to investigate your feedback further. I would be happy to go over any of our trades, portfolios, and services with you to make sure the services are being used properly. Please reach out to me at and we can schedule a phone call.


You can't use the services anyway but buy per his instructions at his price. When 3/4ths of them lose, you can't change the facts or make money.

You may be one of the only people honest there, but you can do nothing to help recoup all the money lost investing in Kent Moors services, or Tom Gentiles or Shah Gilani's or most of the rest. The only thing that would help some is if I got back the $5,000.00 wasted on the Passport Club plus all the yearly fees paid to MMP over several years.


If you ever watched tv show greed, they always say ( "If A Deal Sounds TO Good To Be True, Then It's To Good To Be Legal"). Don't let greed cause you to not use common sense no matter how much you need the money, because you will end up losing more money in the end.

There's no way a machine can predict what the stock market will do everyday of the year without facts to back it up. If that's the case then certainly no one would be giving up that kind of information for pennies on the dollar.

So many crooked people in the world scamming desperate people looking for a way to make money as quickly as possible. I have been one of them, but now a lot wiser now.

@Harleigh Kop

If only they gave it for pennies on the dollar. they charge as much as $5000.00 a year for it.

I paid $5000.00 for a lifetime subscription for everything they publish. Still too much.

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Money Map Press Passport Club Subscription
  • Some analysts are more honest than others
  • Fraud involved in their claims of results and profits
  • Promise of good trading advice and profits
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Information provided for trading useless for most part.
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