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Restoration Hardware Delivery Operations

Restoration Hardware - Horrible Delivering What You Buy. 8:29pm If you're ever in the market for some furniture, don't order it from Restoration Hardware. They have a PLAGUE of incompetence running rampant in their logistics operation. I thought maybe we ran into a little bit of bad luck a year ago when we ordered our bed. And then we ordered our night stand. This couldn't possibly be the real Restoration Hardware, they're a great company, look at the quality of their things, I thought. And again when Tiffiny ordered her bathroom cabinet. I still can't believe it. They're a national chain; there's just no way a company like this could REALLY be this horrible under the covers. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt. And now when we ordered our couch. Each time a separate incident. All separate orders, months apart. EACH with a headache during the delivery process -- from being back ordered, to being rescheduled for delivery (on their end, over four times) to showing up at their warehouse and "needing to be sent back to their headquarters because it arrived with scratches all over it." (They would call and tell us this before they even attempted to deliver the thing). We thought, maybe it's just that Tampa's fulfillment is horrendous. It couldn't possibly all of Restoration Hardware. We just moved to Richmond and ordered a couch. We were told 10-14 days for delivery. On the 14th day, we called them to ask what its status was. "Oh, that's on back order Mr. Gallagher, didn't anyone contact you?" So then we e-mailed. An e-mail was supposed to be answered within 24 hours, it wasn't. We have to wait a month and a half now for our couch! All of these orders have had MAJOR respective delivery problems. Yes, they have nice stuff, but if you are buying something they have to deliver and you can't walk out of the store with it, BEWARE. It's like banging your head up against a wall. I'm threw. We would've been life long customers because we like the quality of their things, but how many times do you have to get disappointed before you're a fool for continuing to shop there. I never write these letters, but it's just ridiculous. DOWN RIGHT.
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Richmond, Virginia