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Kays Cut Style - Kays Cut & Syle - Thomson, GA

Women in Thomson beware if your hubby or boyfriend is getting their hair cut at Kay's Cut & Style. Kay (the owner) has been known to "bop" the men she services. She wears her pants way too tight making her fat *** stick out more and she wears her shirts too low and rubs her body up against the men in her chair. There is a reputable barber in town for the men to go to AND there are other beauty operators in Thomson that are not ***! If your boyfriend or hubby has selected Kay to cut their hair, then something else is up!! Watch your men you Thomson women!!!
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Kay has done my hair since I was 16 years old. She did my moms hair.

I refer everyone I know to her. I've spent countless hours in her chair.

This is a load of bs! Kay is THE BEST in town and we love her!!


I find it real strange that you removed the positive comments. Why?


I AM STILL PISSED at PISSED CONSUMER....Its been four years since someone used my name and email address to slander Kay's business. I never knew about this site until I got a call from Kay's daughter about it. I was shocked and taken aback. I was able to find it and get on there and explain it was not me. I didnt have to long in or anything. I dont have a login name or password to PissedConsumer. I didnt need one to comment either. It seems anyone can get on here and say what ever they want and give someone elses name and email address. As soon as I found out about what was happening I contacted PissedConsumer three times via email and demanded they remove the complaint against Kat because I did not write it. Kay and I are both victims to this fathom person who thought it was a joke to attack two reputable women in town.

After I rec'd an email (which I just happen to see when I went to dump my spam folder) that someone posted a comment to this. After I saw that, I did some homework and evidently PissedConsumer has been doing junk like this to people...or allowing it to happen and someone has taken a law suit on them.

Here is what some of it says " In addition, Ascentive alleges that the “complaints” posted on the PissedConsumer website may not be made by actual consumers of the product, but are often completely false and defamatory, routinely authored by parties such as competitors of the target company that seek to harm its reputation to increase their own sales.

.Motion for Preliminary Injunction Against Consumer Complaint Site Alleges Online Extortion, RICO Violations, Commercial Bribery

Press Release

November 29, 2010

Philadelphia, PA

Citing irreparable injury to its brand and business reputation, as well as loss of revenue, Ascentive, LLC, a global developer and retailer of computer software products and a leader in the personal computer software industry, on November 23rd, filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against Opinion Corp., doing business as ”,” an online “consumer advocacy group.” This is the first time racketeering, conspiracy and extortion charges have been brought against

The suit claims that not only did encourage the posting of false, misleading and untrue consumer comments relating to Ascentive’s products on its website but also demanded substantial sums of money to remove the complaints via its “custom reputation management” services.

Abbe F. Fletman and Alexis K. Arena of Philadelphia’s Flaster/Greenberg PC, counsel for plaintiff Ascentive, predict this case most likely will not be the last of its kind.

“We have been hearing from other companies and individuals who also are complaining about unfair treatment at the hands of PissedConsumer,” Fletman stated.

The numerous charges alleged by Ascentive against Opinion Corp., owner of the website, include that Opinion Corp. holds itself out as an “unbiased” consumer review site but accepts payments in exchange for removing false consumer complaints on the website. The suit further states that encourages and creates the most negative postings it can, and displays those postings as prominently on the internet as possible, to induce Ascentive to pay PissedConsumer substantial sums of money to “remove, recategorize, hide and filter existing and new complaints.” In addition, Ascentive alleges that the “complaints” posted on the PissedConsumer website may not be made by actual consumers of the product, but are often completely false and defamatory, routinely authored by parties such as competitors of the target company that seek to harm its reputation to increase their own sales. The complaint also alleges that the tactics utilized by PissedConsumer include deceptive “black hat SEO” practices or search engine optimization techniques to artificially inflate its rankings in search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York. Plaintiffs are requesting a preliminary injunction compelling PissedConsumer to remove certain content from its website in anticipation of a jury trial.

Once again Kay, I am terribly sorry. This website will NOT answer their email. I'm going to write a letter to them and send it registered/certified mail signature required and DEMAND they take it down! This thing has gotten my blood pressure up all day long!! GROWL!

But Kay, the ones that know you, love you and knows that there are nutty people out there to do stuff like this. They wont pay any attention. But this website needs to REMOVE it all together!! Frustrating!!


I wish to know why , when you have a point that states' Personal attacks will be deleted." you have not deleted this as it is cleary a personal attack


The review # 134255 is a personal attack and should be deleted. if you read it you know tha it was posted by someone using another persons name this makes it a personal attack on both of us.

Please deleate this as you have stated. This has nothing to do with the ability of anyone to do their job well.


You post that Personal attacks will be deleted. Well this is very personal.

I can not help that some crazy woman is so jealous that her husband can not even go get his hair cut by another woman. At my salon we are very carefull to be sure there are always two of us in the saoln at all times for this very reason. This kind of post is very destructive to a business.

But then I guess that was her intention all along. i am asking you to please remove this.



You asked if I am pissed....well I am. doesnt have an option to delete a complaint.

They wont answer my emails demanding a complaint be taken off about a hometown business.This is a case of mistaken identity or someone has put my name to a complaint against a business. And it looks like they tried to back track and make excuses. I am NOT that person. I am a victim in this like the business owner.

Let me just say that Kay's Cut and Style is probably one of the best salons in Thomson. Kay has been an exemplery citzen and gives back to her community. She is a respected member of our town!

I, too, am a law abiding citzen, taking care of my family.

I've had my health issues and have had a couple of surgeries. I have taken care of my mother when she had kidney cancer, and several other surgeries. I also look out for my Grandma at the nursing home. I visit my husband when he works out of state.

I help my grown in college and another working on her career. I attend prayer meetings and Bible studies. I pray for the sick, feed the hungry and help the needy.I am either away from home or taking care of my family obligation at home. I have no motive for attacking an innocent business owner and woman out of the blue.

It is not in my character to do so. I am usually the peacemaker and encourager. I like Kay Kendrick from what I know and have heard about her. I dont have a motive or time to stir up trouble for anyone.

I am simply living my life and get a call my name has been put on something. I guess they assume because I am the only name mentioned in the telephone book and I just happen to live up the street from a recently fired employee, that I must have something to do with this. The only people I know on this street are my neighbors next door. They mow my grass when I am away.

So I am asking, please. lets put this to rest. I hate it that it has happened and I am doing everything in my power to get through to the website to have the complaint removed. I've emailed 4 times already and not a reply.

I've even mailed them a letter at the address found buried in the website. I looked on the yellow pages to find the telephone number. Nothing by that name but a name that was similar. When I called it, I got an answer machine.

I left detailed message and return phone number but not a call as yet. I was thinking about writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper but I dont want to draw attention to the online complaint. I sincerest apologies to Kay. But anyone who knows you in this town, will know its just trash talk.

And anyone who knows me in this town, will know it must be someone else, not me. This has hurt both of us. Please believe me, someone put my name out there. I dont have the time or energy to deal with this *** right now.

My mother is facing more surgery in a few days and I am recuperating from surgery. I say lets just pray that The Lord would make these people remove this complaint or blind it from all eyes. I pray a blessing over your business Kay. We both are victims here.

Lets put this to rest. The more we stir the pot, the worse it stinks. I know you dont need that, neither do I. I pray also the person who thought they would put my name or it might actually be a person by that name, will come forward and clear this up.

Once apologies that this has happen. I pray it goes away.


Dear Kay:

I just hate what has happened. I havent been able to think of anything else today but how on earth something like this could happen.

I do know there is another Alison Coleman somewhere around here. A couple of years ago I've gotten calls for her but had to tell them they had the wrong Alison Coleman. There is also another lady in town that has my first name and I get calls for her too. There is also someone by the same name as my son. So it could very well be another Alison Coleman that has posted that note.

I dont think I have any enemies that would maliciously put my name on something as slanderous as that. And if I had written something like that, I wouldn't be *** enough to put my name on it. Besides, Kay, I dont have anything against you at all.

I use to come to your salon years ago but when I married again, I was out of town a lot and getting my hair cut at different places. I have nothing against you as a woman, or a hairstylist and business owner.

I just feel sick that happened to you and I feel sick that my name is attached to it. I can only hope whoever reads it will know who you are as a person and what you stand for and know its all bull...and I hope that whoever reads it and sees my name, will know that it couldn't be me that wrote must be another Alison Coleman or someone who used my name out of meaness! Anyone who knows me, Kay, will tell you that it is out of my character to write such things and I have no reason to write those things.

I thought about writing the editor of the newspaper to clear it up, but thought that might draw more attention to it then need be. I have emailed the website 3 times already today since finding out and I also wrote and mailed a letter I got from their website. I even tried to find their telephone number in Brooklyn, NY but to no avail.

I've made every attempt to correct this problem we have.

I will email that website every day until they take it off.

Once again....I am sincerely sorry for this mess up. But rest assured Kay, it wasn't me.

You hear about things like this happeneing but you never think it will happen to you.

I did not post the complaint neither do I know who did. I pretty much keep to myself here at home or I am out of town. It is not in my character to be malicious.

Kay, I have reputable people around town that can vouch for my character. They can tell you what kind of person I am and posting a malicious complaint is not in my character. If you need character references, I would be glad to provide them for you.

There has GOT to be another Alison Colemn in town or it is someone who doesnt like me and wants me in trouble.

Once Again Kay....I didnt know anything about this until I got the call. I didnt write any of those other comments about laptops stolen etc.

I hope whoever did this, has learned a lesson and remember what goes around comes around.

I think the best we can do is let sleeping dogs lie. The more we draw attention to it, the worse it will get.

I will email the website every day and write letters until I can get this resolved because I dont want my name associated with this.


Thank you for your understanding.


II am NOT lying! do NOT know how my name got caught up in this.

This must be mistaken identity...another Alison Coleman. Whoever wrote the original complaint must have seen their name on it and tried to get out of it. My laptop was not stolen. I didnt know anything about this until I got a phone call.

I was just as surprised as you were. Anyone who knows me, knows it is not in my character to write such things. I dont have anything against Kay's Cut n Style or Kay as a woman.

It hurts me to know that someone can put anyone name to something like this. Someone is stirring up trouble.


Ms. Coleman either wrote this complaint, was a party to, or she knows who wrote the complaint.

If she posted on 9-19-2008 that she did not know of the complaint until my daughter contacted her, then how was she able to post two comments on 9-06-2008 that she did not post the complaint and that her computer was stolen??

Ms. Coleman is lying.

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Martinez, Georgia
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Affordable Dentures = Planet of The Apes

DO NOT go to Affordable Dentures - Augusta, GA unless you want to leave looking like a Planet of The Apes cast off!! I bought the premimun new-wearer package but this start set looks like something from a costume shoppe. They are ill fitting and the gums are too light pink! They dont fit my upper palet and I have to use a ton of Fixadent to hold them in. Because they dont fit properly in the roof of my mouth, the front teeth drop down giving me a smile of GUMS!! The upper plate gums are so thick, it makes a ridge under my nose causing my upper lip to stick out!. The lower dentures dont fit all the way down causing them to make my bottom lip stick out too. When I put the full set in, I look like an ape!!! I complained to them. They argued it was because my gums are swollen. I should wait 4 - 6 months for healing to go down before I get my perm set. I told them I cannot go around looking like that for 4 - 6 months!! They didnt care...shrugged their shoulders and blamed it on my gums. Its been a month now and my gums arent as swollen. I plan on going back to ask for a partial refund so I can go somewhere else. If they arent gonna take care of my RIGHT with the temp set, I dont have confidence they will do me RIGHT with the perm set! Plus the floors were dirty with blood on the floor they didnt bother to clean up. And i felt like I was going thru a cowsale. Sit and wait forever for an adjustment and then they dont want to hear your complaints. Do yourself a favor...DONT GO TO AFFORDABLE DENTURES anywhere in the USA!!
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I so feel you. I actually felt the same exact way and me and my kids joked that I too looked like the female from the planet of the Apes movie!!!

This company sucks, I have been in pain for over a month, have open sores, had a technician drop my teeth on the floor and chip off the fake enamel and played it off, and another cut off a good portion of my bottom denture and they don't fit right now and I have to use half a tube of glue just so I can eat...and the best part of all I have a massive sinus infection...I cant gargle with salt water because it comes out of my nose!!!

I am so depressed that I invested my money with this company...but thats about to come to an end!!!! :cry


trying to get real info about afforable dentures .everything i read was making me so unsure more to the point hopeless i need to eat i would also enjoy chewing my food again. everything i read was telling me do not ever trust these theves i slowly came out of my state of shock AND added affordable dentures las vegas nv YES YES YES wegypsies PLEASE TELL ME WITCH OFFICE YOU WENT TO IN LAS VEGAS NV THANK YOU SO MUCH


trying to get real info about afforable dentures .everything i read was making me so unsure more to the point hopeless i need to eat i would also enjoy chewing my food again. everything i read was telling me do not ever trust these theves i slowly came out of my state of shock AND added affordable dentures las vegas nv YES YES YES wegypsies PLEASE TELL ME WITCH OFFICE YOU WENT TO IN LAS VEGAS NV THANK YOU SO MUCH


You need to do your homework before you start griping on a forum like this. ANY site concerning dentures will tell you an immediate denture is going to be more bulky than your permanent ones. It takes more than a month for your gums and bone to shrink to the point where your permanent dentures can be made.

I went to Affordable Dentures in Las Vegas only a week ago, and so far I am extremely happy with their service and product.

My sister-in-law went to another dentist in the area and paid $4,000 for just her upper -- and there's no additional plate. What she got after her extractions is it. 9 months later it takes half a tube of adhesive to keep it in.

I've been back to the office here twice since my extractions (23 teeth) and have been treated very professionally.

You need to know what you're talking about, and have the patience necessary to go through this kind of procedure.

I think you're expecting miracles in a very short period of time. If they make your permanent too early, you'll have more problems in the long run. What were you expecting -- perfection at day 1?!?!?

If after it is time for your permanent denture (6 - 9 months or more), and things are still going wrong, first give the office a chance to make things right, then pursue other options.

So far it sounds like all you want to do is complain without merit. Your expectations are completely unreasonable and it doesn't appear you've bothered to educate yourself.


:cry :? :(


Oh My God!!! After 1 full tank of gas, 3 different visits, 23 hours in the waiting room, 420 miles of travel and $1100, I too look like a cast member of Planet of the Apes.

:cry The gums are too thick and ill fitting. I can't eat, speak or kiss my husband without them flying out of my mouth. I'm gagging and starving. I call it the Dr.

Henley Diet. I wish I were dead :cry


Well if I go into a business and I see blood on the floor and people looking like ages and shrugging their shoulders at me. I am going to wonder Where is the dentists at?

Did the apes eat them? :grin


Got an email today saying someone posted a reply to my post.

Well I dont know why because I didnt post anything about Affordable Dentures and I am not sure how they got my email address unless it is someone I know that has put my email address to this.

Once again..wrong Alison and I am getting tired of this. ..ugggggg


Report them to the news! I did, the office in Winchester, Virginia ougth to be blown up for all i care.

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Martinez, Georgia
Affordable Dentures Dentures