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PLD Groups - Contractor in Maine stole $ and property. Buyer Beware!

We hired Mr. Ray Dobbins of PLD Groups/PLD Builders to renovate my home starting October 14, 2011 under a 203K streamline loan and in the amount of approx $34,000. An up front payment of $10,383.00 was paid to Mr. Dobbins from the loan I obtained through Wells Fargo bank in order to begin the contract and obtain materials needed to do the work. Other disbursements would be made as the job progressed. The contract entailed a full interior remodel and when complete I was to have smoothly done walls, ceilings, closets, new floors, a new bathroom, a new kitchen, a new garage roof, all new electrical and plumbing, and chimney work. During the time of the remodel, we were to be living in the home (in the basement) while it was being remodeled. Mr. Dobbins and his crew came into the residence on October 16,2011 and tore out my bathroom completely then left my house a total mess. Plant pots were broken in my home and other property damaged from his crew while they were doing what work they did do. For 7 weeks thereafter we heard very little from Mr. Dobbins nor saw any evidence that newly performed work was being done. When I asked Mr. Dobbins when he and his crew were returning I would receive no replies for weeks. When we did finally make contact with Mr Dobbins, he would then say he and his crew were coming on such and such a date but they did not return to the jobsite. It went on like this for weeks and the project was beginning to make me feel uneasy as we had a deadline to meet for the cabinet maker to deliver my brand new kitchen cabinets on December 14th, 2011. Mr Dobbins had 5 ample weeks from the time the cabinet maker began his work on the new kitchen cabinets to prepare the mudroom, dining and kitchen for this deadline date of delivery. As the date got closer, work was not getting done. I addressed Mr. Dobbins by email and asked why he was not onsite and why things were not progressing. Mr. Dobbins responded with an attitude to my inquiries. Mr. Dobbins and his crew then began working on other parts of the house. I asked Mr. Dobbins then to send in receipts of the items/materials purchased to do the job as to find out where the $10,838.00 was going and to make weekly contact with us and to communicate with us. He would not do so and continued avoiding our contact. When he did contact or answer my requests they were usually with one line statements and that was it. When I finally did receive an answer on when his crew was returning to the job after 7 weeks of not being on the job, he and his crew returned to tear out my kitchen in less than one day. The mess was then again left in my living room for a week thereafter and not cleaned up. My young children stepped on carpenter's nails, and in wet drywall mud that was left on the floor and in the stairways to our basement living space. The interior walls of my home were previously covered with wallpaper which was to be removed. His crew began skimming wet dry wall mud over wallpaper. When I asked Mr. Dobbins and his crew why they were doing this, I received no logical response. I asked that they remove the wallpaper first upon receiving a professional opinion and Mr. Dobbins became angry. Mr. Dobbins referred to the contract saying only loose wallpaper would be removed. Unfortunately, the wallpaper was becoming loose, and bubbling and blistering upon the contact of the wet drywall mud being applied to the wallpaper. My walls looked terrible and a mess was left behind. Skimming and sanding did not help. Mr. Dobbins and his crew would go missing in action for days at a time and not return and tell us they would come back on such and such a date but would not return. This would occur repeatedly. Later, we found out that certain permits were not appropriately obtained for the electrical and plumbing work nor was the work done correctly. In fact, Mr. Dobbins and his crew has only damaged the home. The work that was done in the bathroom was then hidden by incorrectly sized sheetrock leaving huge gaps. Jack studs were not properly placed above doorways. Mr. Dobbins then wanted to have my floors done before the walls and ceilings were properly skimmed, sanded, or painted. I came home during lunch one day to find his crew painting my dining room ceiling with a paint and no 2-n-1 primer product. A slew of issues were then addressed to Mr. Dobbins both by phone and by email and I received no logical responses from Mr. Dobbins or his crew yet again. Mr. Dobbins crew could only suggest that I talk with Mr. Dobbins and that they only do what he tells them to do. When I was finally able to get Mr. Dobbins on the phone, he got angry and would yell and scream at me on the phone and talk over my voice. He was not interested in listening to my concerns or how I might try to help him get the kitchen ready for the cabinet delivery date. I then tried writing emails to address my concerns to my bank. My bank suggested that I lock my doors until further communication could be properly addressed and weekly reports and receipts obtained. I consulted with other building professionals about the work Mr. Dobbins and his crew were doing in my home. I therefore made the decision to lock my doors to Mr. Dobbins and his crew and notify him that no more work was to be performed. A day later, my home was broken in to and $2500 worth of Italian porcelain tile and hardware was stolen. Witnesses saw Mr. Dobbin's and his crew on site taking the tile. The following Monday Mr. Dobbins quit the job site and contract and requested to have additional money's paid to him. To date, I am out more than $5000 which has been unaccounted for of the money that has been paid to Mr. Dobbins. Not only this but the tile and hardware is also gone. Mr. Dobbins admitted to the police that he took the tile but lied and stated that he took it before we locked the doors. This statement was not true and proven by pictures that I took of the house and materials the morning they were stolen. Mr. Dobbins is currently unwilling to return to the jobsite to finish the job or make contact with me to resolve the issues nor willing to return the tile and hardware. BUYER BEWARE!! Maine does not require anyone to have a contractor's license unfortunately. To date, my home currently sits without adequate plumbing, electrical, no working kitchen or bathroom. My home has been completely damaged beyond repair and hiring a new contractor to fix the issues will cost me far more than the amount left that I have to work with. Mr. Dobbins is a liar, a thief, is an example of following poor planning practices, and has the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. All I really want at this time is for my tile and hardware to be returned.
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