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On Jan 2, 2008 we contacted American Home Shield Warranty Company (AHS) because every time we used our oven, our carbon monoxide (CO) detector would go off. After a month or so of this and contacting our alarm company who monitors it, we decided to call AHS to have someone out to look at the range (KitchAid freestanding gas range). I was told a representative from Sears would call and set up an appointment. No one called. On Jan 7th, I called back. I spoke again with Sears and they said a contractor would come out the following day. On Jan 8th I waited during the prearranged time (12-5pm) and no one showed. I called AHS back. They told me the appointment was actually for the following day. I was furious, but ok. On Jan 9th, I waited again. The repairman for A&E (a subcontractor of Sears) called me and explained he did not have the proper equipment to deal with CO and told me to call the gas company. I called our gas company and was advised to evacuate the house and call 911. I explained the detector only went off when the oven was one and the representative informed me she had to advise me to take these steps. Since the oven was off and no alarm going off, I took my dog outside but did not call 911. We waited for the gas company service tech. He arrived, tested the oven, and it was indeed putting out over the safe amount of CO. He turned off the gas line to the oven in order to make sure it was safe. I called the A&E repairman back. He was not able to come out and advised me to call the main office. I did and was told to call the following morning. I called A&E on Jan. 10th to reschedule. They informed me they did not service the AHS contract. I called AHS. From then on, I got more run around. As of Jan 12th, we still were without our range. I lost count of how many people we talked to explaining over and over it was not a gas leak, but a carbon monoxide leak. We wrote a complaint letter on their website which did result in a contractor coming out on the 11th,but was also not equipped to deal with CO. AHS said they classified this an emergency call, but showed no steps in treating it as such. Each time we would talk to a repairman who was set to come out we would ask if they were able to deal with CO. None were and had called us back because they were told it was a gas leak. We even called a few names out of the Yellow Pages to no avail. No one was willing or able to deal with CO. Finally, on Jan 13th we’d had enough. We searched the web and found the president’s name (Dave Crawford), the Senior VP of Legal’s name on the Memphis Better Business Bureau’s website. We called their main number and got the option for their “dial by name directory”. So, we left messages. Low and behold we got calls the next day. Unfortunately, they still were not helpful. When speaking with Jules from the President’s Line, she was one of the worst. We had been without a stove for 12 days now. She offered $60 to buy and electric skillet! When I pressed her as to what a reasonable amount of time to find a qualified repairman was, her attitude was as long as it takes. I was told I could do whatever I wanted outside the parameters of the contract, but for AHS to pay for it they had to find a qualified repairman. She even told me that just because the gas company confirmed the leak didn’t mean there was a problem! To date (Jan 14th) we are still waiting! For 12 days we have been without a range. We were told to evacuate by the gas company until they can make the situation safe. We have been forced to eat out each night. We had food go wasted in the refrigerator because we had no means to cook it. We’ve lost untold amounts of time on the phone and waiting on repairman who are not able to deal with the problem, and oh yeah, CO can lead to death. Just a minor aside with that! I will NEVER use, recommend, or deal with AHS again!
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Well Donna, let me tell you, You are not going to find a better Insurance company than AHS... AHS is one of the best Insurace Companies around.

Dont even think about messing around with any other.

Take my advice.. If not you will regret it.


Great idea to call Memphis. I just left Mr.

Crawford a message. We have been waiting for three weeks to get our refrigerator fixed.


I am a Real Estate Agent.

Your story has just convinced to stop selling the AHS Warranty and swithc to a different company.

I found this site while looking up other complaints abotu AHS after my client had a problem witha water heater.


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