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Saint Leo University (BBB Score F)

I have filed a complaint against my college (Saint Leo University in Florida) with the BBB and the attorney general's office in that area and so far, the school refuses to respond. They already have an F with the BBB. Below is part of the BBB report with the details of the situation (BBB had space limitations so some sentences were cut off: I am a senior at Saint Leo University and I was set to graduate at the end of this semester. I enrolled to take my last class October 24, 2011. The first issue was that we did not receive access codes to our homework assignments until a week & ½ after classes started, so we were already behind. When we finally got in the class, the software would mark our answers wrong even if it was right. The book does not explain how to do the problems, & it is laced with incorrect answers. The solution from the professor was to email him the ones we thought were right, wait for a response, & if the answers were wrong, redo the problem, send it back to him, & wait for another response. I already have trouble with math & learning this way, I felt like I was being set up for failure. I was not getting responses from my adviser Chanda Moore, so I had to send emails to people that I thought could help me. I have an exchange of emails dating back to November where the entire class was complaining which I sent to faculty & staff that I thought could help us since my advisor offered no assistance. Eventually, I was just removed from the class & no one even told me. I found out because a student in class tried to send me an email & noticed my name wasn't there anymore, so she contacted me through my student email. Again I reached out to my adviser for answers; no response. I called to see why I was dropped & they said I was removed from the class because that's what they thought I was asking for. If I had room to paste the email exchanges, you would see that I never once requested that because I wanted to be able to graduate on time so I could start the MBA.MKT program in Spring I as planned. The main issue that I have now is that I have to take this class before I can graduate & there are no other classes available to substitute this one. If this program cannot be revamped by Spring II or an alternate class is not put in place by then, I fear I will not graduate. I have reached out to the course instructor, advisors at the school, several deans, the course developer, the president, and the vice president of the school & they keep giving me the run around. Everyone acknowledges that there is a problem; however, no one is offering solutions. My whole educational process has been delayed & I am afraid the same thing will happen again if no one does anything before March! Sadly, there were several other students in the class that was supposed to graduate this semester too but had the same issues.
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Wow, and here I thought I was the only one having issues with SLU. I have quite a story to tell myself it involves plagarism, and how the professor decides to nail me and let two other students off, AFTER he emailed three students the same email for plagarism.

I want to see that the professor is held accountable and the university says it cannot tell me. I am the one who demanded the investigation and they cannot tell me the outcome?!What?! I want answers and I am not getting them.

I have been a student at this school over over 6 years, never had a problem till now. I have invested to much time and money for my education to let this professor get away with making a mockery of me.


I am curious as to what happened with your plagarism case. I am in the mist of a Honor Code violation.

I am taking the Finance and Manageral Accounting course for my MBA degree. The professor never shows any proof of this allegation and still has not supplied any cause for this violation. The initial email states that he suspects me of violating the Honor Code on my homework assignments. Which we have had five weeks of homework assignments at that time.

The most I have done is seek online tutoring, which at last check was not a crime. I had asked the professor for help and he is pretty much useless, thats why I had to seek outside assistance for a better understanding of the concepts. He gave me two different options: fess up to cheating and receive all zeros on the homework assignments as of that week or fight it in front of the board and receive a F for the course and/or terminated from the program. Bottom line: It is extortion!

Besides this issue, I have been doing really well in the course which is making this case sound even more shady. In the beginning of the course the professor even stated that he catches two to three students cheating every class. And he makes it quite clear that he is on this board that I will need to meet in front of. I think I am being singled out given I am actually doing good in the course and to make his semester quota of accusing students.

So next week is my hearing about this case and I had to wait two extra weeks because of the holiday. I also have to take the day off from work, drive over three hours to the campus for this hearing and state my case and spend over three hours driving home. And the icing on the cake is that the hearing is taking place during the middle of week 8 (of a 8 week long course!) Needless to say I am looking for a new school to transfer. I wish I would have read the reviews of this school before attending and wasting my time and money!

However, I had chosen this school because of their dedication to the military.

This is not the only university in the U.S. who is dedicated to furthering the education of military personnel.


Sorry you had to go through that. I've had the same thing with me, but I won my case!

How do you have a computer class with no LABS?

Just writing 2 papers per week.... ludicrous

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