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McDonalds owes me cheese!

I go to McDonalds regularly, and it seems like everytime I go they mess up my food! It can be something so simple, as no mayo and they it on there anyways! With the double checked sticker. I got my food right once before, though one sandwich had two crowns and one had two heels. I can NEVER get my food right here. I have worked fast food before, its not hard, and I come no where near being that incapable of building a sandwich. I always figure that fast food workers should get paid more because its a hard job, no I just did my job better than they do and thats why they get paid minimum wage. Calling the McDonalds hotline everytime I get a follow up and nothing else. I am tired of having to pay for extra pickles but not having that total taken off for not having pickles. Ask for a sandwich with no pickles, and your friend wants extra pickles, and you'll pay 50 cents for extra pickles!!! You figure billions served, billions of extra pickles and billions of no pickles.Luckily Wendys is much better, if you ask for a whole tomato you get a whole tomato. Ask for 22 pickle slices, you'll get 22 pickle slices (I've made that order) McDonalds needs to be closed for good, rip offs!
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*snorts* lol!

I thought you meant actual cheese, not money.

I went to Micky D's one time and requested a cheeseBURGER with nothing else on it but the cheese. I assumed that these people would think a cheeseburger with nothing but the cheese would mean a meat patty, and a slice of cheese.

I got the burger and checked my order and all they had given me was a bun with cheese! Some thoughtful cook decided to give me two slices of cheese, lol, but its not what I had wanted.

I had to park the car and go in and get it fixed without so much as a "Oops, sorry."

Oh well. Its fast food right?


Well it was still horrible analogy. And if I'm a waste of your time, why do you keep coming back? There are lots of other sites on the net, and you continue to come to this one? Sounds like someone doesn't follow there own advice.

"Then why would you continue to keep going there??!!"

Why do you, not amused? Your not making any sense and your coming on here to bash me on my review. Are you reviewing my review? Or commenting? Because either way your not doing well on either subject. What grade are you in?


fred thompson: "How can you compare a burger to a car?" --

It's called an analogy, sorry to lose you. Already lost you again, the car analogy was preceded by fred thompson.....ergo, not directed to you. Ahhhh, ur a waste of time......


Any typos in below comment are purely accidental. I'm not wasting my time with proofreading on this forum. Just quick rants right?


The title makes perfect sense in two ways, let me explain. They owe me money, which in 21st slang is referred to as cheese, guap, mula, stacks, benjis, benjamins. Also they owe me cheese, the dairy kind, when they forget it. Sorry I lost you. No I'm not a Wal-Mart door greeter. I am a father of three and get paid salary with no overhead. I am trusted with $$HIGH DOLLAR$$ restaurants in Destin, Florida. with security and keys and no bosses. I work 7 days a week and only work 3 hours a day but get paid 10 hours a day. I am tired of whiny snotty nosed brats myself, but I will take a moment to express my opinion when it needs to be addressed. Yes I check my food everytime but in some sense or another they SCREW it up.

No you did not lose me in your analogy. You lost me with your profound comparison between a car and a burger. Obviosuly a 10,000 dollar car CANNOT be compared to a 35 cent cheeseburger.

I have dealt with the managers, and have addressed problems. My complaint is not that I don't know how to order food, or that I don't get it fixed, its hat these whiny kids want more than min wage but can't simply read ENGLISH to build a sandwich correctly. And I shouldn't have to check my food, cause it should be correct. Maybe if you have experienced what I've been through you'd shut your mouth and find somewhere else to write out *** analogies of cars and cheeseburgers.

I know how to deal with people, and I know how to deal with the managers. I know how to call the corporate number to take it higher up. I don't eat there anymore, in fact just today getting my daughter fries I ordered a Large SWEET tea. Not hard to mess up. WTF did it come out unsweet? Who knows. Who cares. I added sugar. I didn't come on here to complain nor receive naive comments from a 14 year old. I saw that site, registered, thought of something I'd like to address, and type it up. I have 8 McDonalds within a 30 miles radius, and every single one of them is just as clumsy. Now do I know if its there fault? No. Mine? No. Maybe the confusing screens make it hard on the employees, maybe this is a problem McDees would like to address. Maybe ALOT OF PEOPLE get this experience. And maybe your an instigator. I don't know. I wrote an article, looking for feed back, not negative nor positive, just unbiased. Coming on here to trash on my intelligence is not what I came on here for. Your maturity level is stupendous.

Reading into this site I have seen some *** things, some *** arguments. But my subject was legit. McDonalds screws up my order, overcharges me, underpays their employees, and make people like you think that they care about the consumer. I care way more for customer service than they could ever fathom, so why don't I own a multi-billion dollar company? Because I don't rip people off. Even if I don't like them I won't rip them off.

In case you have a hard time reading all the above, let me summarize. You have a weak argument. McDonalds owes me cheese as in money and cheese when you pay 50 cents for it and they don't put it on there. Don't check your food in drive thru your *** people off behind you and the cashier inside who gets a great evaluation for good drive thru times. McDonalds owes everyone cheese, not just myself. A car is not a burger, not even in analogy can you get away with that comparison. I am here for reviews, not slander, mudslinging, arguing, fighting, immaturity crying bs. Just write in your opinion about McDonalds, not about myself. How are your experiences at McDonalds? If pleasant thats great! I have to drive 45 miles for a pleasant McDonalds. As I sit here I have 5 people around me laughing about it, and they understand. McDonalds is horrible! Your food is always messed up! (Here anyways, I'm sure its not everywhere.) If you would like my resume and my experiences being employed with fast food restaurants as I did move my way into proprietorship (That's owning a business) than let me know. I'll tell you of the tricks they use, if hand wishing is enforced, how much dropped food I have personally deflected from being handed off to a customer, about customers throwing burgers at employees, and so much more, just let me know. You would be disgusted. I just want my food right when I order it. That's it. Please if your next comment is to harass me or anyone else with a mind to think on their own than comment elsewhere. Otherwise I'd love to hear other mature adult experiences at McDonalds.

Thank You.


not-amused : I had withdrawn the retard comment, as it was in bad taste and immature. Clearly no one here is retarded as this is a very serious and touchy issue. Again I apologize for the comment. You won't get that out of very many people.


fred thompson: "How can you compare a burger to a car?" --

It's called an analogy, sorry to lose you.

sting130u: "Surely I must have moved up in the business world by now, having been years ago" -- You a Walmart greeter now?

"Everyone who commented this far- Your retarded" -- If so, it began with you; the title of your post doesn't even make sense.

"Or you come on here cause your pissed too?" -- I stumbled onto this site. I've had problems in the past with service, I've been able to deal with the problem myself, either by dealing with a manager there, or by speaking to somebody well above the store. And if they can't solve the problem, I go elsewhere. Some of these complaints are too unbelievably *** to be true, including yours, making me think this site is a joke, not for real. We're just a nation of runny-nosed, loud-mouthed whiners who lack the ablity to resolve conflict in a rational manner.

"But because of every consumer that has gone to McDees, ordered their food, and drove away from drive-thru to get home and realize their food is old, gross, or messed up. Now you gotta use another 3 dollars in gas, your time, your energy to get something that should have been correct in the first place." -- Tip: check your order before you leave the window. I do, and in the small number of occasions that my order is wrong, I bring the problem up then. Believe me, if you're holding up the drivethrough, they're gonna jump to fix the problem.


I don't want 22 pickles on my sandwich, I've made that order for someone else. Who clearly stated he wanted 22, not 20, not 23, but 22 pickles on his sandwich. And why should they charge for pickles? I'm glad you've never heard of it. The build value of a Big Mac runs about 45 cents. If they charge 2.99 for the sandwich, and you want extra pickles, they should give it to you no charge, after all you are a customer.

Also I'd like to add an apology about the retard statement, it was bad taste.

This is a website to express things like this, not to come in and rain havoc on the one doing the complaining. Alot of people share my opinion, let me explain something. A sandwich costs less than 30 cents to make, with extra piece of meat its an additional 15 cents. This is everywhere. The BIB soda syrup can make over 250 drinks, and this only costs them 37 dollars. They can make HUGE profit of this. Now, there are more pickles dropped on the floor than you could imagine, and they don't account for it. These products are liquidated and forgotten. It's not about the pickles, its about ripping people off. It's not just a few quarters, its billions of quarters. Breaking child labor laws, health safety issues, paying people minimum wage and even having illegal workers they continue to dig into your pockets. Here I can go to a McDees at get a 32 ounce orange juice for 2.50. While 10 miles up the road for the same price I get a 16 ounce orange juice. You have a dollar menu? We have a 1.29 menu.

With all this said, let me point out the main point of why I chose to put McDonalds on here. Not because of pickles, not because of my fifty hard earned cents. But because of every consumer that has gone to McDees, ordered their food, and drove away from drive-thru to get home and realize their food is old, gross, or messed up. Now you gotta use another 3 dollars in gas, your time, your energy to get something that should have been correct in the first place. On top of having my food corrected I also get a partial refund. I wrote this because im pissed, I never get my food right.

This isn't just McDonalds, I chose McDonalds because of the frequency of their screw-ups. I actually never get my food correct anywhere. Whether it be messed up, burnt, old, hairy, no syrup, spoiled tea, cold, mashed, mutilated. I could not go out and have someone bring me food and it'll be messed up. Sounds like I'm just that person, or like I'm being picked on or whatever, but I do have good news. Burger King in my area is doing much better and my food has never been messed up. With all that said, NO I don't frequent McDees any longer, but my kids do love it there and they never eat the food anyways. Just love the toys and playplace, so I will continue to go there for them.


If you are so unhappy with this McDonald's, then why do you keep coming back? I have never heard of a McDonalds that charges for extra pickles.

Most people hate their pickles anyway, I don't know why they even put them on their burgers. Noone came here to insult you. You are the one doing the insulting calling everyone retards. You sound like you are the one mentally challenged yourself to keep going back to this McDonalds that you hate and asking for 22 pickles on your burger.

Who in their right mind would want 22 pickles on their burger?.You are making yourself look like a *** here, you don't need others to do it for you. :p


Not Amused- How can you compare a burger to a car? And yes if you don't want the tires you can sel them in the paper. You can't sell a sandwich in the paper or for that matter the pickles on the sandwich.


Everyone who commented this far- Your retarded. Surely I must have moved up in the business world by now, having been years ago.

I could READ the screen when it said NO PICKLES or NO ONIONS. These people just slap something together. Any reason you guys are defending this Rip-Off Giant?And no I don't expect them to *** the price, but I do expect things to balance out. Think its just 50 cents, whats fifty cents?

50 cents multiplied by 2,000,000,000 people served. Thats one billion dollars! PROFIT. If you have not worked fast food before than you are pretty pathetic as this is a moralizing experience where you learn not to be ignorant and how to work diligently.

Something alot of people know nothing about. Jason- I do have a job, working 3 hours a day getting paid for 10 hours a day. What do you do? Work a full 8 hour shift and make bare minimum?

Must suck so only have 8 hours a day to yourself, 8 hours sleeping. Not enough time to really get things done... I think you can spend an hour of that waiting at mcdees for your food to come out messed up. Get a clue retards.

You come on here to insult me? Or you come on here cause your pissed too? Don't come in here to dog on me, just go get a burger from mcdees and a soda. Get a cold sandwich and a carbonated drink with no syrup.

And let the cashier handle your fries while handling money through drive thru.

You wanna spend your money on it, go for it. Dont come on here with ignorance and try dogging me, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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