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Bambusa - Company refuses refunds and blocks my phone number

Update by user May 25, 2013

A representative finally called me back on April 24. It was a different person and she was very nice and she issued me an RMA#.

I returned the product that very day and in two weeks I got my full refund minus the S&H.

I did have to pay to ship the product back to them.

I will not do business with them ever again or refer them. The were very pushy and they do not have a "No questions asked" policy.

Original review posted by user Apr 24, 2013
The following is an email sent to the company. BAMBUSA, 4-17-2013 I have been trying to contact your customer service to initiate a return. They called back and we had a bad phone connection (I am not having any problems with my phone service) and she said she would call right back and hasn't yet. I called back and talked to the customer service rep.(with no phone problems). She talked me into trying the product for one more week and she PROMISED to call me on Wed. April 24, 2013 at 3:30. I waited 20 minutes then called Bambusa and they told me they would have her call me right back which she DID NOT. I then called back the purchase phone number and asked to speak to Dan. I was told again he would return my call in which he DID NOT. So I tried another time a little while later only to find my phone number has been blocked! BAMBUSA has stolen $129.90. From me and I cannot contact them to get my refund that I was promised! I have done everything they asked and they have NO REASON to NOT refund my money! BAMBUSA GARMENT RETURN POLICY Order#: xxxxxx Date of Purchase: 1 April 2013 Detail of what you wish to return and why: I wish to return the complete Super Circulation package (CircuWear). I have cold feet, (warm to the touch) and I wore 1 pair of socks for a week every night and could not tell any difference. After talking to the customer service rep I wore them for one more week day and night. I still could not tell they had done what they advertised to do. Everything else is still in the packages and I would like to get a refund. Please send me an RMA# so I can return these items. Gale PS I just want my money back! $139.85 less S&H $129.90
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I called them after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper. No price was listed.

The telephone call was painful. I repeatedly asked for the price of the product, and they tried to extract personal information from me. Eventually I realized that they wanted $40 per pair, and they would only sell in packages of four. This is absurd.

Save your money, and buy compression hose on Amazon or your local Walgreens.

They are likely made in China for less than a nickel. What a ripoff.


I emailed Circuwear Customer Assistance after wearing one pair of the 3 pair package for about one week, but they did not respond. In the meantime, I have decided that the socks might really be helpful and want to keep them, but I don't think the company is being truthful in their return policy.


I saw Bambusa's ad in the Phila Daily News. I lost my left leg to blood clots and spend all my time in a wheelchair and also have carpal tunnel, which I cannot have surgery to correct due to clotting issues.

I read the ad and called for the socks and they offered me a whole package for $129.00. I'm on A fixed income and could never afford this. The salesman offered me one pair for $40.00, there is just no way I'm paying that amount for one pair of socks, so I declined and hung up. I must say he wasn't pushy or rude to me at all.

Then I just happened to google their name and found this complaint and boy did this teach me a valuable lesson.

Always google the company or product before calling to purchase a product. Thank you and I'm very happy to hear you received a refund, unfortunately after going through a tough time and run around :)


I just saw the BAMBUSA infomercial. Went to the web page to find out cost & possibly order.

First thing they want is all your personal contact info with no mention of keeping it confidential. No price indicated. Infomercial never tells cost either. Big RED FLAGS!

Fortunately I've learned (the hard way) when to be very careful. So glad you pushed to get your money. Think of all the people who didn't bother to fight because it wasn't worth the hassle. They count on that.

Also saw these reviewed as "Miracle Socks" on other sites. Two people said they immediately started getting phone solicitors, so you know your contact info is being sold to make even more money.


oh' there socks, I thought they said box. and I've been shipping stuff in them !

oh'well they are nice for shipping... :eek


another one sucked in by this company. stay away from their product: it does not work on intelligent people.


Ya'll be advised: Buyer Beware: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. If you buy and they work miracles for you; great.

If they do nothing, good luck in getting your refund (their guarantee).

They talk nice and do absolutely nothing to refund your money.


This complaint is spot on. If and when you can get someone on the phone, they tap dance and tell you they will call back: but never do.

Only thru threat of contact with FTC (they do business across state lines), and the Attorney Generals of the state; do they ever seem to want to do what is their advertised refund policy.



I also had no luck with these socks, and finally got discover card involved with the return of my money, this company is a scam. call your cc company to help you


thank you for your reviews and the problems you have had...i was going to purchase them but i am handicapped on limited income and i cannot afford a scam...bless you all

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ShockItClean - Shock-it -Clean; not good customer service

Ordered Shock-it-Clean and they sent it right away. UPS couldn't find our house and sent it back. I called Shock-it-Clean and asked them to resend it on 7-29-08. Called 8-4-08 and they said it had been sent 8-1-08 and for me to call back next day to get a tracking #. Called again 8-5-08 to get a tracking # and they told me it it couldn't be shipped until next week. Called 8-19-08 and they told me they couldn't ship it until 2 - 4 weeks from 7-29-08 (original reship request date, company policy). Called 8-28-08 they said call back 9-5-08 if not received. Called back 9-5-08, still not received. Said it was authorized 9-3-08 to call back next week. Even tho they said 2 - 4 weeks they would not even consider sending it as soon as 2 weeks and kept insisting it can't be sent before the 4 weeks. It is 9-5-08 and it still hasn't been shipped!
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Thanx for these comments about Shock it Clean! Without having seen them.on Google I would have FOOLISHLY GIVEN THESE FRAUDS MY MONEY AND RECEIVED NOTHING FOR IT!!!!!!

The infomercial happens to be running right this very moment and I am "SHOCKED" (lol) at the reviews I read here!

But without them I would have been taken! Thanx again *** :eek :eek :roll d Consumers!

@Kendra R.

You can be assured a product would not last for many years without working or arriving to peoples homes. One of these seems to be a UPS incident and not a company mistake.

How does one know if they got the bottle and only stated they didn't. You can check

for a more thorough review.




professor makeyourmoneydissapear


they make your money disappear


shock it clean makes yourmoney disappear

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UPS - Substitue driver can't find butt with both hands

Our regular driver was out most of the simmer and the sub driver didn't even try to find our house. We even had the phone number on the package and 'we had to call them' and pick it up at the store and one was sent back without even trying to locate us! It has been over a month and we still haven't received it because of the sending company's rules. But we would have had it a month ago if UPS hadn't sent it back! Our regular driver is back and we appreciate him very much!
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