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Trade cars Middlesbrough mbro lying about cars

eBay classified ad stated that the car was in excellent condition inside and out, there are dents, scratches and massive scuffs on the bodywork, the interior was fine except that the glove box is broken. The ad also said that the car had 6 month tax and 12 months MOT, it's actually 2 months out of tax!!! Had a hard time getting in touch with the guy about the car and again when I wanted to make a query about it. He had told me that they were fitting a starter motor the day before I picked it up but when I got there the following day it refused to start so they dragged it down the main road backwards with a 4x4!! They're now advertising the car that I gave them in px as having 6 months tax when it expired yesterday! The only reason I bought the car was that it was exactly the model I wanted and are quite rare but I'm having to spend about half the cost of the car again to bring it up to an acceptable standard. Overall these guys were unprofessional and simply take cars in and sell as is, no valeting, no repairs and then try to make out that the cars are perfect! They care so little about the cars they are selling that one car acts as a stopper for the gates of the yard where the cars are stored and has a huge scratch where the gate has repeatedly hit it.
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Thanks for the review mate, we were so close to buying a car from these guys... even called up...

they guy had the worst customer service on the phone - you could feel the apathy.

Dodged a bullet. Thank you!


Hi there I remember the mondeo that u bought am sorry to hear u had problems with it, as a garage only selling old cars under a k ish we don't make huge amounts of money like other gargaes so we have to keep over heads down I.e valets etc but the cars are very cheep we don't hide the fact cars are sold for spares or repair we have huge sighns all over yard saying this, and about our minus on e bay the quad was a 60 plate that was an import which is a higher sPec vehicle then what was stated but does not come with a warrenty from honda england and has no part in the business this was a personal item we are very fair people, if u have a problem or feel as tho u can only hide behind e mails or internet sites please come see us at our place of work, yet again am sorry the mondeo tdci u bought for 500 pound had issues and the fact the vehicle u put in part x had run out of tax then taxed again for 6 months that is why it stated it on the advert so yet again use pair of monkeys are wrong, but this is why negative people are poor allways see the worst in a situation, (negativity is a poor mans best friend) please people who read this we sell a lot of cars and can't please everybody but were honest and every one is free to fully inspect any car befor purchase even bring a mechanic no problem, good luck for the future guys

@trade cars

Yes i also got a car from yourselfs for 700 and ive spent about another 400 just to get problems fixed and still no good you are selling cars with underlineing problems not honest people will never use you again and will tell others too to beware

@unhappy customer

I agree with these people DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. Bought a car for £1000 and have so far not even been able to use it!!!

Spent another £250ish (so far) getting it to the point where it can be driven safely. Shocking shocking shocking.....

@trade cars

Dear Trade Cars

I was interested in buying one of your cars however after seeing THIS reply one of your paying customers I won't bother.


Shocking report. I'm glad that you have reported them though because I was interested in a couple of cars that they had advertised on the bay of e. I was curious about their seller score of -1 as I have never seen a minus score before.

It seems that they have recently swindled a customer into buying a Honda Foreman 4x4 which was sold as a 2001 UK bike, but when the buyer checked with Honda, turns out that it is a 2009 import.

I hope it wasn't the same 4x4 that they used to drag your car down the main road !

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