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'Coachman Auto Insurance,' poor service!

Dear Bill Breckles, To say that Coachman's 'goal is to get you and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible' is a total joke! When I reported my car stolen (early Dec. 16th morning) to the so-called 'Emergency Line,' it took that clown (Ian Sippin) three days to finally call me. That was the last time I was able to talk to him about pertinent questions I had. Because my car was 'running a tab' in the impound far from home, I had to take control of this dilemma myself, and pay out of my own pocket the impound, towing and repair work charged me. Coachman at no point in this matter, assisted me. Oh, I'm sorry, a 'Carla' at Coachman's office said they could pay for my $46.00 bus pass, but now I am not getting even that cheque according to a letter I received today? This letter from Ian was more of a 'proclamation' than any discussion between he and I. I was never able to speak with this person. Why does one person on Coachman's staff say one thing, and another staff member say another? Was this 'Sippin' character going to wait til the impound bill hit the '$1000.00 mark?' Was he ever going to return my phone calls while my car was in the impound? I was told by a 'broker' of Coachman that he the adjuster (Ian Sippin) was 'not very good.' It's very likely he just 'delayed' my claim, to allow me to do his job! I had no choice to 'act,' in order to save my job. When it was time to arrange for the 'appraiser' to see my vehicle, I had a 'Joan' call me...instead of the appraiser himself. And, even he didn't do his job by responding to me. What good is an Insurance company that doesn't 'protect their clients,' when instead they just 'ignore' phone messages from their clients? Ignoring my messages because my car is 10 years old, and my deductible is $1000.00, so just ignore me? But don't ignore taking my monthly premium yesterday (Dec. 28th). Here's some're supposed to help your clients! Like a broken condom, Coachman leaves a client 'unprotected.' So, it's a firm fact, that 'Coachman Auto Insurance' sucks! P. Monson
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Dear Reader,

Since my posting of Dec. 31, 2011...'Coachman Auto Insurance' has come to my aid in a 'very positive way.' I am happy with the outcome we agreed upon, and I do not consider them a 'poorly run insurance company.' I must give credit to one of Coachman's staff members...CARLA MIRANDA for in a matter of speaking...'saving the day.'

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a response now from the 'Pissed Consumer' people to delete my Dec 31st (2011) posting. Therefore, I am compelled to write this retraction.


P. Monson


Had the same issues. I'm doing way more running around then they are regarding my claim. No organizational skills whatsoever, very little contact with the customer through the claim process, and they even moved my car from the impound with the plates still on it, WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME OR TAKING THE PLATES OFF AND SENDING THEM TO ME and delaying me by yet another week in getting my replacement on the road.

Oh yeah, I had a car bought before they even had the appraiser out to look at the old car. Expect long delays, no call-backs and not initiative on their part in a claim situation, even when you are not at fault.

Will be switching

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