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Update by user Feb 02, 2012

Got a letter from kia motors and it basically said to bad for you we wont do anything about the engine noise so go ahead and get a lemon law lawyer and sue us.

Original review posted by user Dec 30, 2011
Just bought a new sorento v6 from them left the dealer with no gas coasted into the nearest station to gas up got home checked the tires felt like ride was too hard and they had over 50 lbs. checked the oil level was over a quart over full. well the next morning started the engine and oil light stayed on about 6 seconds and engine makes a load rapping noise. went back to freehold kia and was told by the service manager too bad we can't fix that. I contacted Kia motors was told to bring it to a different dealer they didnt trust freehold dealer so I took it and was there about 3hrs to be given a printout from kia saying oh thats normal live with it. well thats bull *** no engine raps after sitting overnite without something wrong and now with some milage on it it only has to sit about an hour to get the noise recontacted kia got the run around then they sent me email said they will contact me in january to meet with the district manager so I can get another bull *** story from him.
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its not the oil filter been changed several times by kia


The engine raps in the am because the anti drain back valve in the filter does not work. In the am BEFORE you start the motor remove the top of the filter canister ( located on the right side of the engine right next to the plastic cover on the top of the motor) with a 27mm socket.

I'll bet you find no oil in the filter. Get a new filter and tighten the cap to 25 foot pounds. Also change the oil and use a 10 .. 30 blend..Use an oil marked for HIGH MILAGE.

The viscosity is better. In the am after all this let it idle for 3 or 4 minutes or until it warms a bit.

Hope this helps.. :upset


new update got a letter from kia motors saying they will do nothing for the engine noise in my kia sorento and I should feel free to get a lawyer and sue them


yes and the engine didnt make noise as I said it at first only made noise sitting overnite


You should of checked the vehicle out before taking possession of it. buyer beware.

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