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Resolved: LoocStudio, Matt Carfaro

Update by user Nov 21, 2014

I am happy to report that Looc Studio/Matt Carfaro returned my deposit. I was very patient with Matt Carfaro and am just glad that I received my money.

I do believe that Matt Carfaro is trying to get back to working on building furniture and rebuilding his company. I wish him luck.

Update by user Aug 23, 2013

In the past year, Matt Carfaro's company LoocStudio has received FOUR complaints against him with the BBB of North Carolina. Further, Matt Carfaro of LoocStudio has refused to acknowledge any of these complaints.

LoocStudio earned an F from BBB. Do not conduct business with LoocStudio or Matt Carfaro unless you want to LOSE money.

Original review posted by user Aug 22, 2013
Matt Carfaro, owner of LoocStudio, was hired by myself and given a desposit to make a piece of furniture for me. Instead, he cashed my check and never delivered the piece nor did he refund my money although he said in a text that he would return my money. There are many complaints against Matt Carfaro and I highly suggest that you avoid doing any business with Matt Carfaro and LoocStudio or Ava Furniture. Matt Carfaro changes the names of his furniture companies so you need to make sure you do not purchase or hire any company to create furniture that is associated with Matt Carfaro of North Carolina.
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Also does not pay his employees


I am sure Matt Carfaro is NOT delivering FASCINATING sofas to anyone. I have noticed some praises on the internet all appearing miraculously.

My question to Matt: How are you doing all of this credible business with no employees or skills to make sofas?


He's not. Ask Tanner Basaga at Yildiz in Wilmington.

There was a lawsuit.

He still struggles and changes his business names everytime he gets sued (lawsuit w/ Fortress Forest international). Mike Menz was acting VP.


Received my fascinating Sofa a few days ago and I just want to thank Matt Carfaro, the owner of LoocStudio. He was very patient with us while showing variety of fabric choices and different styles.

Numerous options to choose from. The pricing was very reasonable for quality custom made furniture.


Unfortunately you fine folks in North Carolina are just getting to know Carfaro. I am a former employee of his and can verify he HAD to leave New Jersey since starting yet ANOTHER business and screwing everyone he comes in contact with was no longer an option.

While he was in NJ, he had six different businesses and he committed the same crimes over and over with no regrets whatsoever. I currently have a twenty year judgement against him for unpaid wages and bounced checks, but can't collect since everything he owns has been put in his wife and daughters' names. He starts a new business in a different state under his wife's name (or another family member he hasn't cheated) and continues to swindle people out of their money to finance a lifestyle he cannot afford. He's a real slicky slick kind of guy...if *** was cement, he'd be a super-highway.

I personally witnessed law enforcement agencies looking for him, both state and federal. His customers were looking for him after he committed countless acts of credit card fraud, all of which I would be happy to share with the appropriate authorities if I thought they were actually going to take some action.

I can go on and on and on...but until the authorities are willing to take action, why bother? As for this clown in NY who is defending this piece of dirt, you're obviously no better than he is.

@chasing matt


I am in the same boat. I sued Matt for unpaid wages after he opened a business in Atlanta and am still trying to find a way to collect, 5 years later. Luckily, the lawsuit was against Matt ( and not under the business) because he attempted to write checks using his "personal" account and not a business account.

But it seems I'll never be able to collect because some how he has figured out how to get around these lawsuits.

I dread the day I made the decision to work for him.

If it's possible to bring a class action lawsuit and collect on these unpaid wages,let me know.


Have contacted all the agencies investigating Matt Carfaro and Looc Studios after more than three bounced checks and no resolution in sight.

@who you gonna believe - me or

To Who You Gonna Believe-me or

I am grateful to you for contacting all of the agencies. I would also contact his bank and you have the right to file a complaint against Matt Carfaro. Please keep all of us posted if you have any type of resolution. Once a month, I contact the agencies and remind them of my issue and they tell me they are interested and need enough complaints to make it worthwhile. Please follow up with the agencies. Out of curiosity, were you able to speak to Julie Daniel? Since I know that there are other complaints besides myself and now you...we will STOP MATT CARFARO AND LOOCSTUDIO FROM STEALING MONEY FROM POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS.

May 2014 be the year we stop Matt Carfaro.


After reading all of these comments, I believe it is Matt Carfaro who keeps pressing ***. It is quite apparent that Matt Carfaro of LoocStudio continues to victimize customers, vendors and his own employees.

If only he would pay everyone back, he could possibly rehabilitate himself and not be such a shameful person.


I have worked with Matt for years and have always known him to do the right thing. Yes, times they are late on delivering furniture, but find a custom company that is not.

They always deliver.

To all of you that are slamimg Looc Studio....why not reach out to them and maybe together you all can make a positive.

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KitchenAid - Kitchen Aid Appliances

DO NOT PURCHASE KITCHEN AID APPLIANCES. My appliances are six years old and according to Kitchen Aid, they should work for up to ten years. My refrigerator lasted three years because of a faulty part. After living without a refrigerator for three and a half months (try that with three small children) and now my dishwasher is not working. I was told by a certified technician of Kitchen Aid that the problem is caused most likely by hard water build up. This certified technician told me that other companies make sure their appliances do not have this problem. I urge you not to purchase Kitchen Aid unless you want to waste time and money!!!!!
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I am so sorry a_day. I should have known I was in trouble when Kitchen Aid recommended A&E Factory Service and the technician never showed up.

Kitchen Aid and A&E Factory Service deserve each other. My Kitchen Aid Fridge had same issue, a design and mechanical flaw. The technician who told me this was recommended to me by Kitchen Aid but told me I was not allowed to say anything to Kitchen Aid because he did not want to get in trouble although he said Kitchen Aid knew about the flaws. Now my dishwasher has not worked properly for a couple of years.

I finally responded to Melanie (she is a Kitchen Aid rep)but if I were a betting woman, I will hear the same response I have heard about all KA appliances, we are so sorry that your warranty expired and we do not stand behind our product.

I am sure they will give me the number of a technician. I can promise you if they do anything positive for me, I will tell the world that I was treated fairly but I am not holding my breath.


I had my dishwasher FIXED AGAIN (It has been fixed many times over the past seven years for different reasons) a few months ago and it is NOT WORKING again! I am besides myself with the money I have already spent on fixing my Kitchen Aid appliances.

I could have bought a brand new dishwasher from a company that stands behind their workmanship with all the money I have wasted on fixing my lemon of a Kitchen Aid dishwasher. I have been requested to send an email to a Kitchen Aid representative but it is not her personal email, it is a general email so I am not sure what this person can do for me.

I really hope that anyone who reads this does not purchase Kitchen Aid dishwashers and forces Kitchen Aid to make a better product. I need to sign off now because I will be spending much of my free time tonight washing and drying dishes.


Hi Sd77. I am sorry that you are unhappy with your KitchenAid appliances.

I have reached out to you before to send me an email with you contact information if you need us to review your file.

Please email us your contact information so we can review it further. Sincerely, Melanie.


Hello Sd77. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of kitchenAid.

We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your refrigerator and dishwasher. If you would like us to look into this further, please provide your name, the site you were contacted on, your user ID name Sd77, review number 301141, your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to KitchenAid.Digital@***.com.

We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.


a-day, I am so so sorry to hear about your experience. Not having an oven does not make life easy.

My house was brand new with brand new Kitchen Aid appliances and now I need to replace a second Kitchen Aid appliance. I was told by a Kitchen Aid certified technician that he receives more phone calls on Kitchen Aid appliances than any other manufacturer. He suggested I purchase a GE dishwasher. I have been told both my refrigerator and dishwasher both have major flaws.

And my refrigerator had a design flaw and it took over three months for Kitchen Aid to replace it. I will NEVER buy another Kitchen Aid appliance again and it is important that until Kitchen Aid fixes all of their flaws, no one purchases Kitchen Aid appliances, large or small.


I bought a house with Kitchen Aid Everything.....this stuff was uber pricey and only 7 years old. My fancy digital convection stove busted 9 months later and it woudl have cost $1,000 to break.

I had no warranty and I had to buy a new one. And to make matters worse, the tech that came said that this was a design flaw and that the KItchen Adi guys should know better...and that this stove will Always break down!

$1,300 later I have a new stove. But I agreer Kitchen Aid sucks!

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Kitchenaid Refrigerator
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My Snuggie Store

I have never received such awful customer service from an internet company. I ordered a snuggie for my child and it was back ordered but the company does not believe in notifying customers until after one month of placing original order. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they are always in meetings. Do not bother leaving a message on voice mail because the supervisors do not return calls. I spoke to Jonathan, a supervisor, who did not care that I cancelled the order!! He did not try to even convince me to give his company a second chance. I believe in this economy, companies should not take customers for granted. I spoke to several customer service representatives and they need serious customer service training. I highly suggest you do not order from this company.
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Mine came right on time, thanks snuggie store I love it!


I agree this company is ***


i ordered two snuggies for my daughters 11-27-12 for christmas. thought they might have them then, it is now 1-16-13!!!! have no clue when i will get them, or if..what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This company is complete ***. I ordered a snuggie 11/4/12 as a christmas gift for my niece, after waiting for it for weeks, I called and they told me my snuggie was on back order.

The second time that I called, they told me it would arrive by 12/30/12, since I didn't receive it, I called today and told me I would get it by 1/21/13.

The customer service reps are rude, cynical, lackadaisical and could care less about your concern. If you want a snuggie product, you're better off purchasing it at a retail store because these people are useless


I ordered 2 snuggies. It took forever to process, but whatever I knew that going in.

They ended up cancelling one of the snuggies because it wasn't available. Lame, but i get it. Ok so now I have one of my two snuggies, but I paid for two.

So I call customer service because I haven't seen a refund on the card I used. I look at my order status and see that I have "Discount/Credit" for the amount of the missing item. So I have two very simple questions for the support:

1. Is it possible to choose another Snuggie on the site and use the credit without being charged for processing and handling, since I already paid the p&h with the previous order and it wasn't my fault that the item was cancelled in the first place.

-The representative asks me to hold while she talks to her supervisor. She comes back on the line to give me some random bits of information not addressing my question or providing any answer.

I don't like arguing, so I ignored her workaround my question and I asked my second question.

2. How can I go about receiving my Credit for the item I didn't receive?

(I accidently mentioned that I viewed my order information from and she then tells me that she can't do anything and that the return will be processed through that site.

Really? doesn't have any information about how to get in contact with anyone at all. So how do I get my credit?

It's interesting because I have never had customer support just straight bull *** me before. I've also never dealt with a site without email support. I want to have a written record of my support and I want to formulate my questions, really phone service only? You can fake being mildly intelligent on an email, it is just straight obvious that they are not when talking to these people.

I recommend you go to your "as seen on tv" store in your mall and forget trying to buy anything from the "Official Snuggie Store"


How can something so popular as a snuggie have such horrible customer service. Are you kidding me?

These guys are the biggest scammers I've ever seen! No # or email?

2 months after I order, they come, and thats after I called their outsourced customer service and they said i didn't even order it! May they be whipped across their pitiful shoulders..


January 13, 2012

By the way, customer service didn't seem to really care one way or the other. Just take it to the post office and return it.

They do not include a shipping label, telephone number, or a receipt.

Poor business practices....


January 13, 2012

I ordered a snuggie on Dec. 8, 2011 for a child whose name I drew at church. I heard nothing from the company until Dec. 30, 2011 when they said it had been shippied that day. I emailed and said I no longer want the item. It was a Christmas gift.

It arrived Jan. 13, 2012. I paid $7.95 s/h for it to travel across the US, from Ca., to NJ. Now I have to pay s/h to return it. I will NEVER order from this company again.

This was only one of two gifts the child wanted and none of the stores had it. I am glad Amazon was able to send it overnight.


Wow! You are all worked up over something as *** as a "Snuggie".

Thats what you get for wasting your hard earned money on something the Chinese saw your dumb American asx coming a mile away for.

I suppose you also waste your money on Beanie babies or those *** webkins too. Can I sell you some *** *** too?


To Chloe Happy, Healthy New Year. I am happy that you had a better experience than me.

Unfortunately I spoke to Matt and Jeannette, both rude and not helpful. The employees are in need of serious customer service training by My Snuggie Store.

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