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Birchland Market - Canceled my order, refuse to say why

I ordered 6 gift baskets this holiday season and after they did not arrive I contacted the company, Birchland Market. I received an email back that said they had canceled my order. I called, but their automated system doesn't allow talking with a human, so I sent a follow up email asking why they canceled my order. I then received another email from them, stating the exact same thing as the first email. They refuse to give information or deal with my emails. These gift baskets were Christmas presents, so obviously I am now shopping for presents that will arrive well after Christmas due to Birchlands apparently standard business practices.
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This is a shady company , telemarketing calls up to three a day wanted me to buy credit , stay away from this company it has been taken over by dishonest entities.

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Kingman, Arizona
Birchland Market Shipping Service
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Let the company propose a solution
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Suddenlink terrible service and slow internet

I went with Suddenlink in Kingman, AZ for my home phone and internet service. The internet is so much slower than the company I was with before, so I contacted their agent to see what could be done. First, he couldn't find my address in his system and said they didn't offer service in my area. He looked again after I told him I just paid my bill for service, and after some discussion, said I could upgrade to get better service. Suddenlink offers so much less for so much more. Contact me for the transcript of our conversation and see what you think. Buyer beware! Suddenlink so far is very disappointing to me!
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Hi johnkroddy – My name is Shannon and I am with Suddenlink. I am sorry to hear of your recent experience and would be happy to review this for you.

Please feel free to contact me directly at shannon-AT-suddenlink-DOT-com. Thank you!

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Kingman, Arizona
Suddenlink Internet Service
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STR Learning - STR Language Learn

My wife signed up for a program with this company and now they keep taking money from our account every month for nothing. It was a bad program to begin with and now they just steal money every month. They refuse to help by phone and I can't get this to stop, even though I have spent hours on the phone with them and have talked and talked and talked. They promise, after making you wait hours on the phone, and then don't perform. Just like their terrible language program. Does anyone know how to resolve this with these crooks? johnkroddy@***.com
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I had the same problem with this company. I thought I would try the initial program

for $9.95.

Then they sent a box--which I did not have time to look at. Then today I

noticed there was a $64.00 charge on my account. I called this STR Learn language

people and found that for each box they send they charge $64.00 every month to the

tune of $256.00 per box. Then they will send you another box and charge $64.00 every

month for that one.

From what I understand they send up to 4 boxes for a total of $1,024.00.

What a scam! This Paul Pimsleur is a racketeer--and this is a totally dishonest bunch of people.


Oh I forgot to mention that they are still going to charge me $512 more dollars--even though I told them to cancel. I will try cancelling my debit card--but that means I have notify the legitimate companies which are deducting from my account. I used to purchase online frequently--I don't know if I will do that any more.


Yes yes, I know. i don't mean I know all about your specific plight, but I do know this company is as crooked as the day is long.

They do steal and cheat and lie, and I know that no government agency, nor BBB, nor anyone gives a ***. I went through it, and for me, when they took all they wanted, they stopped, but not until then.

They stole from me day after day, and the bank allowed it, Chase Bank, and the BBB refused to help, as did any and all consumer protection agencies. I believe this is run by veterans or by politicians, but regardless, it is run by people who are above the law and above normal business practices.

They are crooks, and no one will help. I tried everyone, and when I was out of money, the deductions stopped.

I suggest closing your account, which is the only answer, and going to another institution. I know Chase would not help, so I don't suggest even bothering with them at all.

I know it is inconvenient, but I don't see any other answer.



I am Roger Stent, the Managing Director of ST*R Learning in the UK. It appears that some people have been using our website name or web addresses to market Spanish Language courses, and then stealing people's money once you have paid.

Please check out our website -; we do NOT sell language courses, we do NOT operate in the USA or Americas and we do NOT ask for money on our website. I feel very sorry for the people who have been caught by this scam, and please note that we are trying to find out how to stop it.


Roger: If this is true - WHY are we still receiving CD shipments from your company?


If you gave them a card number that is attached to your bank account cancel the card and get a new one issued I have the same problem. Let the buyer beware... :(







interested if you ever got this resolved. I went to my bank yesterday to have them help me get the charges stopped.

I have learned that they are now charging me TWICE a month for the last 3 months $64. I have now been charged $576 for nothing.

I also just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. My bank is helping me to get charges stopped and they say, my money back.


This company has learned how to steal from people on a regular basis. This is a company of terrorists with a substandard product, protected by the banking system which only encourages them to take money from innocent victims.

My bank was no help at all, however, the charges have finally stopped. I think because I called several times a day, and had everyone I could get to call too. This is a bad company, with a bad product, that exists because they steal and the banking system allows it.

I never found a solution and I really hope you do. All my best to you really, but my best suggestion is to close your bank account immediately.

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Lake Havasu City, Arizona
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Law Office of Thomas E Price - Tom Price wrote a terrible document for our trust.

My mother felt she needed a legal document to protect her money which she had saved to put my children through college. A loving and committed grandmother to my children, Tom Price, attorney, Kingman, AZ, wrote such a terrible document that, on my mother's passing, my brother was able to steal all of the money plus money that was not meant for the trust. When I contacted Tom Price, he said he cannot talk with me because it would be a conflict of interest. This just proves he represented my brother and not my mother. What a crook! My brother Bill Roddy, retired USN and dentist in Ft. Worth, TX is as crooked as they come and he met a perfect match with Tom Price.
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Thomas price prays on the weakest link. Thomas Price will not represent two clients for the same probate as he picks out the weaker and places a whedge making it impossible to conduct business as a family.

he is in fact a PROBATE PIRATE and the Judge in this arena is promoting lawyers like him. He takes funds ( thousands of dollars) and does nothing for your family estate nor fights for the deceased and the will they wrote out.

Stay away, stay far away from Him and those like him.


I received a short note from Tom Price stating he could not talk with me about this matter even though the entire trust is for the benefit of my children. He said he represents my brother only and my brother is his client.

What happened to my mother and her interests? Since she has passed away, it makes it easier for these crooks to stick together and steal.

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Bullhead City, Arizona