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Brad Myler Disability...I've been robbed

Update by user May 24, 2013

Don't buy everything, I don't know who posted this but they used my email address and it's not legit... Please report this post as spam and hopefully it will be removed...

Original review posted by user Dec 21, 2011
I had Brad Myler represent me in my Phen Fen case, having had many life threatening symptoms due to this diet drug. I was told by their representative that the amount that had been settled on my case was over a million dollars. I was extremely satisfied knowing this would pay off my medical debts and take care of me and my family for what time I had left to live. I received a check in the mail for 1/10th of that amount. When I called about this the secretary informed me that if she were to look into it further she could lose her job. She told me there was no paper trail, and there was nothing I could do. If I had gone to someone else I could have been living easily now, but since I chose to use Brad Myler I am losing my home and have struggled with working with poor health. This man is the most dishonest man I have ever dealt with. He has ruined my life. If I could afford it I would sue his pants off. Think twice before hiring this company. His baby-face commercials are deceiving.
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I used to work for Myler Disability. Let me give you an inside scoop.

Since I worked at different locations throughout my experience I was able to over hear the conversations on the phone from the Myler Disability employees at every level. At the first station, where people call in and sign up, the employees tell them that Myler Disability only get's paid if they win your case, and that they incur all of the expenses, including their collecting your medical records. They are told that they will take only 20% of the winnings. At the next level, where everyone is calling to see how their case is going, they are told that they need to send in all of their medical records.

Or they call to complain that they got a bill for having to collect your medical records. When the client reminds them of what they promised over the phone, the employee says "it's in the contract that you signed, didn't you read it?" Of course, the contract is many pages of hard to understand legal mumbo jumbo. A couple of years later, when the case is finally finished, the next level of employees is explaining why Myler took 40% of the money instead of the 20% they were told. And that is only if you won.

If you lost, then you received a bill for their services. If you had a case that did not bring them as much money, you would be lower on their list of case importance. Some people were satisfied with the checks they got because they had no idea how much they were really supposed to get. They were just glad to get anything.

As long as the clients weren't paying attention to the details, they were fine. I don't blame the employees, I think they were doing what they were told and had only worked in their department. I think that the employees were good people for the most part. But Myler is a very toxic personality and made the work environment very stressful.

He pushed for high numbers more than quality.

These disabled people were just cattle to him. A way to make his fortune.


Who ever claimed that I used their email address here is lying. I bet you anything that "update" was written by Brad himself.

This is a true story. It is so outrageous that most don't believe it. Here is my advice, if you can't learn from the mistakes of others, why don't you hire him for yourself and learn the hard way?

Then be sure to post here, maybe if there are enough voices of warning it will be believed.


I'm trying to fire him and I knw I have at least 3xsnow but he's still active on my case what can I do ??? Giachristymoore837@***.com


If Myler can't get easy money, he's going to tell you to go else where. He hung me up for months.

Waste of time to deal with!


They seem to be shady i don't trust them either so if anyone has a complaint please notify the attorney generals office at (801)538-**** and the bar association at (801)531-**** since they are from utah these are the people to contact i was informed (LETS BAN TOGETHER AND PUT THESE CLOWNS OUT OF BUSINESS I HOPE LET HELPS EVERYONE ! IM VERY P!@@ED @FF AT THE MOMENT AND IM GOING TO FIGHT THEM TOOTH AND NAIL UNTILL I PUT THEM @-HOLES OUT OF BUSINESS THEY ARE DISRESPECTFUL TO CLIENTS AND THEY WANT YOU TO DO ALL THE WORK UH EXCUSE ME THAT WHY WE HIRED YOU


To McKinney , Texas, US OH do tell dont leave us hanging.....

I think Myler is the BEST helped me with SSD.


If you really have a problem, file a bar complaint with the State Bar of the state you live in.


Please do! Too many let these guys get away with ***!


The above poster is lying. I am not associated with brad myler and I don't know who they are but I know who you are and you are just trying to get money from them.

You should be embarrassed.

It's money hungary *** of the earth like you that should get nothing. If you spread anymore faults info I will disclose the real reason why you are saying these things which I know you don't a friend I say, be honest, and stop trying to get money from anyone you can...have some pride...

@Someone who know you!!!

i wonder how many of these complaint are like that? scam/effort to get more money....

I used Mylar and they worked exactly as advertised... no problem

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