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Albert Auto 380 - Did unauthorized work which caused damage to car

Update by user Dec 20, 2011

I forgot to add that now my car doesn\'t have any heat or defrost for keep me warm and safe this winter, all thanks to Albert\'s Auto.

Original review posted by user Dec 20, 2011
I took my car into Albert's Auto (Albert Auto 380) 53** **st Ave, Urbana, IA 52345 to have my thermostat, bottom radiator hose and heater hoses replaced and to have the cooling/heating system flushed. That is the only work that I had told them to do. The owner came out and told me my heater core was clogged and he was running acid through it to unclog it. He had already started the acid flush before I told him not to do it. Well I didn't even get 5 miles from auto repair shop and my heater core blew out and I was forced to drive the rest of the way home with my windows fogged up from the antifreeze leak blowing back into my car. I finally got home and, thankfully I only live 12 miles from the repair shop, and my car's coolant had leaked out, the radiator was empty and my carpet inside the car was trashed from the heater core leaking the antifreeze all over it. I called the owner and he told me to bring back in and he would replace the heater core. So my car was tied up at the auto repair shop and when I did go check out the repair I found my car didn't have any heat and my brake light switch was broken and I didn't have any working brake lights. From the work I initially went to have done I further incurred the cost of repair and replace of: a heater core, a brake switch, antifreeze, and 4.5 hours labor cost. My 'I am Pissed' complaint about Albert's Auto is the they did not provide a written estimate on either the initial work I went to have done or the subsequent follow up repairs which they caused to occur. I went to Albert's Auto to have minor maintenance work done on my car and by the time they were done 'fixing' my car the final bill was a shocking $617.09. They are running a scam and ripping off people by clipping them and not only by not providing written work estimates but also by overcharging on parts and labor cost. I couldn't be more confident to advise all people to steer clear of Albert's Auto and stay far far away from any dealings with them. You will be sorry for every going there in the first place and putting your trust in them.
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Really Mr. Customer?

You think that the brake light switch is connected to a plugged heater core?

Wow, check out car anatomy 101 before you make such a fool of yourself. :grin :grin :grin

@An amused reader

You have to go through the dash to get to a heater core so it is possible to mess with the wiring.

@An amused reader

get off the *** dumb ***. go back to school and learn how to comprehend what you read.

alert's auto sucks the big homo log!

a negroid might have done a better job! foad

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