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O2 UK - Impotent and incompetent front lines

I have had the most frustrating customer service experience of my life today – with the O2 Online Chat service. Shoddy and impotent are just two words I'd start to use in describing the interaction I had with them. No service was provided. No clear answers given. Two hours were wasted and four people achieved nothing but extreme exacerbation of what started out as a simple enquiry. Simple Query: There's an old account and a new account; There's an overlap between the end of the former and the start of the latter; So the old account & bill needs to be adjusted (shortened & reduced); And the new account should continue as it began and continue henceforth. Simple query right? What I envisaged would be a straightforward "OK, Mrs Smith, We'll look into this with the Billing Department and confirm the right amount to back you in XX hours/days". What I got was: "¢ Two attempts to fob me off to Phones4You (even though P4U had nothing to do with the old bill & account); "¢ Then there was the statement about "Some problem which needed to be reviewed carefully"... No further clarification given. "¢ Then, the claim that, "Phones4You placed two new orders" for me... Incorrect and irrelevant; (a) P4U only placed one order – the new account; (b) I wasn't querying the new account anyway! "¢ Then the statement that "Both the bills were generated on the same date"... again incorrect and the dates the bills were generated is irrelevant to me. What's relevant is the period of time being billed. "¢ Then I was told that and there "seemed to be a major issue with my billing" and that that "it's a very rare case which we have come across". Seriously, WTF?! I had to repeat myself several times including providing my mobile phone number four times. Eventually, two hours later, someone finally cottoned onto the fact that it was a bill query. But even then the response fell short of taking responsibility – "We aren't allowed to amend it as this can be done only by the Billing team"... A pathetic response given that they are front-of-house. It's their duty to take a query, liaise with the relevant back-office team and respond accordingly to the customer. I didn't get any of that. I got the above time-wasting statements and even at the end, with the realisation that it was billing query, there was still no indication of how or when they might liaise with the Billing team to address my query. So... I was extremely irritated and more frustrated than I was at the start of the process – and no resolution offered or even hinted at.
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