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Farmboy - Unhappy customer / not effective

I pretty much feel ripped off. Took them a year to try and design my site....I'm basically having to go somewhere else to finish it. Shocking this person can be in business for 20 years as he says. Amatuer work is the word other designers have used. I agree. Thought I was going to get agency quality but mostly headaches and huge communication disconnect. Probably works best with clients that stand over his back. After a year he delivered me my old site "not working" and a few changes. Not happy and I wouldn't recommend! Beware. Feel free to call for details or site has a bunch of 404s. When they get fixed you'll know I went else where. So far cost me over $3k.
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BSI - Brian Devault - Business Solutions Inc, Dallas TX

Business Solutions Inc dba BSI - Brian Devault This guy and his company will talk a mean game up front but his lack of service and follow through was an experience I wish I could forget. He sold me a PBX system claimed it would be no trouble to do minor PBX things like getting your voicemails emailed to you. Features Brian blamed everything and everyone else was the reason he couldn't get his system to work at my office before he walked off the job and I was left scrambling to find a replacement. Which in the end was a favor because I found several far more competent and higher quality providers. He was kind of different when I signed but I passed it off as whats the worst that can happen... Once he was paid it was like pulling teeth. He tells me in the beginning I'm getting a turn key system, turns out we had to try and configure the entire system. He basically loaded Asterisk on my computer and did nothing else. Then got mad when I wanted it to work! I finally told him I need this to work, I make a living on the phone! He actually told me to f off and not to call him, the system worked in his office. I'm sending him a bill for the repairs I had to pay competent people to fix. It wouldn't surprise me if I had to take him to court over this. This guy is a tool. I could trust him about as far as I could throw him. Probably one of the worst experiences with another business/vendor I've ever experienced. If you are reading this I would encourage you to keep shopping. If Brian has screwed you like he has me then I wish I would have posted this sooner.
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I would agree that this company in incompetent. He supposedly took care of my network but everything him and his team did turned to garbage.

When I finally let him go my network collapsed. I've had 2 other company's look at it and they both told me the same thing, "It is being held together with band aids and bobby pins." and that the network as well as internet structure was never built the correct way. It has cost me thousands of dollars to try to correct all the problems and has come to the point I just need to start over. We had issues from day one and they never ended.

As this gentleman said they always had an excuse or blamed someone else. Their favorite way to resolve an issue was what they called "Wok arrounds"!!!

Another term for patch work and band aids. This company is full of buffoons stay away from them!


BSI's Official Response to Andy McCall from the original date of relationship termination. Mr McCall also received a letter from our Attorney after making personal threats to Mr DeVault's household.

Mr. McCall –

We have clearly reached a point in our business relationship where it no longer makes sense for us to provide support for your telephone system. From our perspective, we delivered everything as advertised, and the system is in good working order, despite your claims otherwise. During the course of the installation, we faced challenges. However, every issue encountered occurred due to your election not to follow my recommendations. I have recaptured these challenges in the paragraphs below.

First Challenge: My company [BSI] originally quoted you a turn-key telephone system running open source software on a proven hardware platform. You requested that we load the software on a spare computer that you already owned. We agreed to do so, but warned you that we didn’t recommend it and that we could not guarantee the operation or stability of the software.

Second Challenge: My company offered to assist you with your telephone service order. You again, chose to ignore that advice, and as a result, ordered the incorrect type of service for a business phone system. You continued to expend our valuable time troubleshooting what you perceived to be a configuration issue with the phone system, when the problem was with the service that you ordered. After the issue was corrected by your telephone service provider, the system worked as advertised and as you requested. You have acknowledged on more than one occasion that this was your mistake.

Third Challenge: My company sent you a list of prerequisites that needed to be met in order for us to be able to successfully install the telephone system and configure the necessary working components. You failed to meet those prerequisites for the installation process, and we ended up spending two times the normal time during setup because of your lack of preparation.

Fourth Challenge: The computer network in your office was setup incorrectly from day one. You purchased products that were not suited for an office environment and attempted to force us to work within the constraints of those systems. At one point during the course of this endeavor, we sent out a consultant to correct the settings just so we could move the project forward. This was not part of the original statement of work, and was not covered under our scope of responsibility.

Fifth Challenge: My company preconfigures and tests every telephone system we deliver. Your system was no exception. It was tested and deemed in working order before it was delivered to your office. We demonstrated on more than one occasion that the telephone system was operating as expected when configured with a typical email server setup, and it was your email provider that was the root cause of the problem. We have tested voicemails to email that we archived in our system as proof that the telephone system was operating properly.

In addition to the challenges that we faced as a result of your actions, we continued to help you and provided you with more than an adequate work effort. We provided exactly 9 hours of professional services as a direct result of your lack of preparation and failure to take professional advice. The billing rate for that service is $125/hour, which would amount to $1125.00 owed to our organization, plus applicable taxes.

Your complaints seem to persist. You have also requested a refund. Regrettably, the refund is denied and our relationship is terminated. Please refrain from contacting us again. We are disappointed in this outcome.


He is a thief and a liar, he will do and say whatever to get what he wants than bail.

I am sure he will reap what he has sown very soon

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Concrete Concepts - Contractor Mike Richardson walked away with materials funds, haven't heard from since

Update by user Dec 19, 2011

Contractor has made contact and is attempting to make this right. We\'ll keep you posted.

Assuming they do as they say I won\'t update this complaint.

- Consumer

Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2011
Contractor has gone missing and only wants to text. Mike and Pam Richardson came to my house several months ago and accepted a contract for a pool. They have since completed the footings for the retaining wall meant to hold the pool. Thats it. They have taken 5,000 as down payment. Everything is tomorrow... yea yea we'll show up with a big crew on Fri, then Monday... no something happened we'll be there Tues. I told him I want my money back and we're done.. They clearly spent the money and I can't get a dime back I would caution anyone at this point that is current in a contract or considering them. Some of their aliases include Concrete Concepts, precision concrete.. Concrete Concepts of Texas They are from BFE Missouri and I suspect they did the same thing there. Information leading to there whereabouts will be rewarded. Cash! Information leading to there whereabouts # 424-354-****
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Sorry anthony. He ptolly wouldnt have gotten to staining it w/o me as he was gone 3./4 of the time. Wish it got done right, you were a nice guy


I worked for mike and I believe it was on anthonys home. I found him on craifslist and started work .

Owed me 460 dollars and I had my mom drive me from ft worth to grand praire for four days.. Didnt see a a dime.

Ora gatorade or lunch. Dudes an ***


I worked for mike and I believe it was on anthonys home. I found him on craifslist and started work .

Owed me 460 dollars and I had my mom drive me from ft worth to grand praire for four days.. Didnt see a a dime.

Ora gatorade or lunch. Dudes an ***


It seems they are doing the same thing to me. Its been almost a month and only 1/3 of the work is done.

Everyday, it is a different excuse about why they can't be on the job. Everytime, they tell me the job is going to be completed at the end of the week but at the end of the week, there is very little progress. I am a soldier home on R&R from Afghanistan. Ive saved up for almost a year out here in the hellhole to get my dream backyard.

They've stolen my money and sullied my dream. Im very disheartened.


Similar situation with me. They botched a job on my house and keep saying they are going to pay money back, but keep coming up with more lies.




Still haven't received funds as promised.. Pam says her scanner is broken and can't agree to payment terms either...

Didn't have any trouble when it was time to sign and take funds?

Its nearly the end of the month will keep you posted..



Contractor never ran off with any money and a portion of the funds were returned. The contractor is simply trying to work out an agreement that is fair for both parties and not one sided

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