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Energy Suspension Parts - Do not buy from these guys. They're aren't standing behind their product.

In April 2016, I purchased Whiteline suspension bushings for the front lower control arms on my Volvo C30 from Energy Suspension When I first installed them, I had the car aligned and they performed great. The car handled much better. After several months, the steering alignment deteriorated dramatically. I took the car back to the shop and had it aligned again. The car never felt right despite begin freshly aligned. It would pull to either direction when accelerating and braking. The car would also wander at steady speed. By this time, it's the week of December between Christmas and New Year's. I raised the front end of the car to inspect the suspension. I grabbed the right front wheel and was able to move the entire wheel and suspension fore and aft approximately an inch! I also noticed the inside edge of the tire was worn badly. These bushings are only 8 months old and they are junk. They were installed properly and lubricated with the grease provided by the manufacturer and the car has never seen anything off-road. Now I have 2 tires that aren't a year old yet and are bad. I called Energy Supension to ask them about a warranty replacement. When I called, I got a recording stating that they would be closed for the holidays that week. As this car is my only transportation, I need it driveable ASAP. There are no bushings available as an oem replacement for a Volvo C30, period. If bushings or ball joints go bad, the entire control arm must be replaced, it's the only way its sold.........unless you remove the bushings and install the Whiteline bushings that Energy sells. I don't have several days to wait for them to come back to work plus a couple of days for them to ship replacements. That being said, I find oem type control arms available locally and get my car running again. After the holidays, when Energy Suspension re-opens, I call them to ask about the 1 year warranty on the parts and mentioned that I need a refund due to the circumstances of their business being closed for the holidays. I send then pictures and video showing the wear and free play in the parts. They tell me they refuse to refund my money and will only give me store credit AND I have to ship back the old parts at my own expense. Why should I have to pay shipping twice and on a product that was bad? Who pays for my bad tire that was ruined by their faulty product? I think a refund is fair considering their product ruined my front tires and didn't expect them to compensate me for that. for the $108 I spent on their product, it had now cost me tires at $150 each and the replacement control arms at $120 each.......and they expect me to pay out of my own pocket to send them the bad parts??! Nice job guys.............. I have tinkered with cars most of my life and will probably continue to do so on other cars I buy in the future. I can guarantee I will never buy from this company again and will warn my friends and anyone else about them. Burn me once, shame on you..... burn me twice, shame on me. I promise there will never be a 2nd time. I've learned my lesson.
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Stephenville, Texas
Whiteline Bushing
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Warranty issue
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Full refund
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Never buy from Shoebuy.....They lost a return customer for good.

I purchased safety shoes from Shoebuy in the past. They were decent shoes but after a couple of years, they finally wore out. Safety shoes are a requirement for my job. That being said, recently purchased another pair of size nine safety shoes from Shoebuy. I would normally never buy shoes online, as I would prefer to try them out in the store but I have found that the selection of steel toe safety shoes that look like dress shoes and don't look like work boots is very limited in any of the walk in stores in my area. Most all the shoes in my closet are size nine. The reviews on the shoes I was buying said the shoes tend to be oversized/loose fitting. Once I received them, I tried them on and they seemed a little snug but ok. After the second day, I had an excruciating blister on my left heel. I tried wearing them a couple days more with a cushioning band-aid over the blister, hoping they would break in. They were just too tight. I called Shoebuy, and spoke with someone who assures me that it is no problem and that I can send them back. He sends me an email with a shipping label. I mail them back and as of today, a week or so later, I get the same shoes back with a note stating that they won't exchange them since they have been worn. I call and ask for a manager and explain to him the situation yet he refuses to exchange them since they have been worn. I ask how am I supposed to know if they are good or fit right without wearing them for a while. I explain that they need to be returned as a defective item since they do not fit properly for a size nine shoe and that the other shoes I own are size nines and they all fit fine. I state the fact they are too tight for their labeled size make them defective. He refuses to comply and says that it is my "opinion" that they are not properly sized as a nine. He completely refuses to do anything about it. I state to him that I am a returning customer and that he will lose me as a customer for good. By his response, it's obvious he could care less. I will say that I will file a small claims suit completely out of principle. I really that the cost of filing suite isn't really worth a $100 pair of shoes, but the cost of filing a small claims case is cheap enough that I will do it just to be a thorn in their side and waste their time and money. It will probably cost me the price of the shoes, but it will cost them much more than they stole from me. Kiss my *** Shoebuy!
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Shoebuy Customer Care
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Poor customer service
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Exchange for a pair half size larger or full refund
RainSoft's reply to:

Houston Rainsoft dealer is a scam artist.

Our customer service department contacted the local dealer and they have spoken with the customer. There was some confusion about pricing and options and the dealer has informed us they cleared it up. I personally followed up with the customer and they reported the issue was cleared up. If you have any question regarding this post or any other problems with our equipment or distributors you can reach us at
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Update by user Dec 16, 2011

The Houston Rainsoft dealer called me to resolve my complaint. The gentleman spoke with seemed that he genuinely wanted to resolve the issue.

He offered to send someone to inspect the water softener and rectify any problems free of charge. They did come out and inspect the unit and performed some repairs to the unit. I have not been able to look at it yet due to my work schedule but I will check it out over the weekend. He also gave us a $100 credit to our account.

As far as the cost of RO filter membrane, he mention that a mistake may have been made on the original quote of $159 and that they are always $139. The only issue that I have is why charge more than double for a membrane that you can find elsewhere for $50 - $60? I know a buying an item from a dealer vs after market is more, but 133% more?? It seems quite excessive, even if the membrane is of a little higher quality.

There are other membranes that meet standards. As with most products out there, amongst many of the different brands, the materials or parts used to assemble them come from the same manufacturers.

I can say that I am very pleased with the prompt attention to keep us happy on the service end of things.

Original review posted by user Dec 09, 2011

I am amazed at Rainsoft's underhanded price scams and poor service/ ethics. My girlfriend has a Rainsoft reverse osmosis system and a water softener.

First the water softener springs a major leak in the pvc pipe at the elbow exiting the softener. When I when to check and find the leak, I find that the installation was *** poor.... the result of an incompetent installer. It was very obvious that the piping was too short and had a severe bend in it, severely stressing the piping.

No wonder the pvc pipe cracked! When she called the Rain Soft dealer, they refused to acknowledge the possibility of their error and said it would be a $75 service charge to come out(plus labor) to repair the unit. This after the Rainsoft technician had recently come out repair a broken pipe within the past year. At that time, he had told my girfriend the pipe had proken due to a poor installation(again a rainsoft installation)

The next issue is the reverse osmosis system.

I just had to replace the membrane, pre and post filter. I purchased a replacement membrane from At the local home improvement store for $50 and the pre and post filter set for $40. I looked online and found several Rainsoft compatible membranes for $50(quality brands) the one I bought was made by Dow Chemical, a very reputable name. Before purchasing the filters, I called the Houston Rainsoft dealer to check prices.

They wanted to know my address to give me a price. I asked why do they need the address for a price, I have a part number right here on my old membrane, they gave some excuses and said so we can tell you what system you have and give you the right parts(remember, I have the Rainsoft part number in my hand). They quoted me $159 for the membrane and $59 for the pre and post filter. This business of wanting to know the address for a price really smells ***......scam.

Just for grins, I decide to call a few hours later posing as someone else. I ask for a price UH50T membrane and again they ask for address to give me a price. I tell them there is no address for this unit and that I bought it used and I am retro-fitting it into and rv and need a membrane.

They quoted me $139 for the same membrane they quoted me $159 for earlier based on an address?????????????? WTF!!!