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Bank of america crook

Mike O'dell works for B OF A. Illegal accessed loan information on my residence. Used illegally obtained private info to tell everyone my business/file false police reports/stalk me/etc. Too many items to put in e mail. Complained---didn't take any action against B of A Asst VP (crook)Mike O'dell of Temecula, CA. O'dell still works for B of A. Guy is sociopath. crazy, lies, vindictive. I found illegal activity by O'dell illegal buying/selling real property 2005, 2006, 2007. Falsified loan docs, quick claimed property, lied on Fed. loan apps. don't do business at B OF A Temecula, CA. ***'t VP, Mike O'dell very bad
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Bank of America has been charging my mother a three dollars check image fee since 2011. She does not need this service and she has requested BofA to drop the service and refund the three dollar fee. I am her son and my name is on the account. I worked with BofA to remove the charge and reimburse my mother for the fee. The three dollar charge was initially removed and I thought it had been taken care. I recently reviewed my mother’s account and I found that the three dollar charge had reappeared. As it turns out this three dollar charge reappeared more than a year ago. I contacted the Cocoa Village Branch manager today. I was told that the maximum refund I can expect is six dollars.

I informed the Branch Manager that we would be closing all of our accounts and taking our business elsewhere. He seemed totally indifferent to my complaint and plan to relocate my accounts.

At the time of my discovery of the three dollar check image fee I also noted that BofA was charging several other unknown charges to my mother’s account. I asked BofA to explain one of these charges and they could not do so. They asked that we get back with them in a few days to determine what the charge was for. I called back a few days later and I was informed that the charge had been removed and my mother’s account had been credited for the charge. BofA could not explain what the charge was and no explanation was forthcoming as to what the charge was for.

I am confident that many people are charged for services that they do not request and do not need. Many people trust a bank to take care of business and just don’t question charges and fees the pop up. My mother is 85 years old and it is becoming more and more difficult for her to manage her finances.

I cannot help but think that BofA is taking advantage of a number of people and reaping the benefits for fees the people do not want or need.

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