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Bank of America has Terrible Customer Service

I started with Bank of America as a child and kept their services until just after college. I was unhappy with their many fees, but as I always had a steady job, I didn't have too much trouble with this. Besides, I just thought many fees were the norm. However after learning of their many illegal actions and the many cases both private citizens and the US government held against them, and frustrated with the proposed $5 debit card fee, I closed my account and went to a local credit union. After I had closed my account, I had some difficulty because a paycheck was direct deposited to my old, closed account. When I called Bank of America about this, they told me the funds had not been deposited and that they could not hold them for me when they were received. Instead the funds would be sent back to my employer. Working with my HR department, I found out that the funds had actually been deposited and that the customer service representative had simply not taken the time to look it up and lied to me about it. When I called them again, they were unapologetic, refused to help me, would not send the funds to my new account, and were in general rude and unhelpful. This was not the first time a Bank of America employee gave me false information. I was assured by the branch manager that foreign currency exchange services were offered during one visit to a BoA branch. A few days later I went backt to the same branch at the same time and spoke with the same person to deposit about $20 in Euros into my account. On this instance though, I was informed that only paper foreign currency was accepted (despite the fact that 1 Euro and 2 Euro are only offered in coin form), and only at certain times during the day. Thus, they were completely unable to help me with this service. I would have liked to have been informed of that before I dragged that heavy sack of coins around with me all day. In short, most of my experience with Bank of America was a case of trusting ignorance. When I learned the truth about their illegal practices and went with a new bank, they were unhelpful and rude to me during the transition.
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Very similar experience but today was the worst they outright removed a name on my acct without my knowledge or consent. Then they acted like it was my fault.

The branch manager was unbelievably rude.

I've been w this bank since the 90s first acct out if college etc and they could care less about how much business you've done with them. I'm going to a credit union.


I agree with your assessment of Bank of America. They have little interest in customer service.

One way this is reflected is in their stock price, down 89% in 5 years, and in their need to be bailed out by us. Glad you switched to a credit union.

I have been a credit union member for over 20 years and have never paid a fee. Ever.

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