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Fraud and forgery from Toyota of Lewisville in TX

On April 9th 2011, I purchased a new 2011 Toyota Camry from Toyota of Lewisville in Lewisville, TX. After hours of negotiations, I signed a contract next to my parents to finance this new car for a period of 60 months with Toyota Financial Credit Services. I left exhausted with my new vehicle that day. A month later I receive my monthly statement from Toyota Credit Services and it says that I signed my contract for 72 months, instead of 60. I first thought that it was a simple human error. I called them and told them that I didn't sign a contract for 72 months, but 60 months. They made me aware that they had a copy of my contract for a 72 month lease that had my signature on it. I was instantly livid. I asked for a copy of it that I received in the mail. I glanced it over, and I instantly knew that someone had forged my signature on a different contract for a longer period of time, which meant paying an extra $4,500 than what I had originally signed for. They told me I had to take it up with the dealership. I went the next day to see Alex, the financial advisor that was helping us with all the paper work. I showed him the contract that had my forged signature on it, and all he said was that he didn't know where that came from. I was furious. He assured me that I had a contract for 60 months, and that he would get I fixed. I was so distraught that all I could do was ball my eyes out. I was shaking, and I just stormed out of the office already planning to file a lawsuit. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Alex from the dealership and two check stubs in the mail. He told me that they had refunded the amount of the difference of the 2 contracts and those check stubs that I received in the mail were proof. I added up both amounts and they were only $300 shy of the amount of the two contracts. I believed him..big mistake! Later, I found out that Alex, I presume, forged my signature a second time. He forged my signature a second time on a cancellation form in order to cancel my insurance policies, like GAAP, life insurance, and an extended warranty on the car to get me the money refunded in my account that he said was to fix the difference between the 60 month contract and the 72 month contract. I got ripped off twice. I want everyone to know what they did to me. PLEASE, do not shop at Toyota of Lewisville they are frauds and thieves. They took advantage of me, a college educated woman, and they will take advantage of you too. I am sure I am not the only person that this has happened to, and it won't be the last. A warning to all!! I would think that most people will not notice this has happened to them because they keep the payment amounts the same, but add on the months that you will be paying this vehicle. Again, this can happen to anyone. Do not shop at Toyota of Lewisville! I currently have a lawsuit pending, and they know they did something wrong and they are offering money of course, but no amount of money will ever make me forgive or forget how bad they screwed me over, even after I did all the right things by reason my contract, and taking witnesses.
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I am so sorry you had a bad experience at our store. We strive to make the car-buying process as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We also make sure our customers are informed of any issues before the car is purchased, so hearing you were unaware of the physical damage to the car is something that should not happen.

We want to thank you for being loyal in the past and hope that we can make up for this in the future. Please follow up with our general sales manager by calling (469) 293-**** and asking for Mark Bedell.

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