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USAA Millitary Joke

I serve the united states and i dont ask for much in return but when i ask the low rate guranteed loan company usaa i get a dont have enough credit history to process loan.. how the *** am i espose to get anything with an insufficent credit history even though i make payments befor they are due and with 110% payment very very displeased with their service.. all i want is a newer car that i can get back and forth to work with not some piece of *** that putts putts from point a to b this is how we reward the people who fight for this country *** i dont know why we fight at all jjust to get treated like this thanks and *** you usaa
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Started about three weeks ago getting a loan for a great buy on a Harley. Was told then I did not need to send them a copy of the title.

Received no check and upon contacting several days ago have been wishy washed that I need the title and they cannot send the check to the owner because he has not sent it through the state to get a e glad they are for us vetstitle, even tho MS has a place for a second transfer on the title. The other gentleman is correct....their record keeping "sucks".

Sure glad they are for us or they would really be cutting our throats. On my way to change my insurance now.

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