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Black Diamond Transport - Ripped Off

Did Transportation work for almost 8 months. Was paid here and there when it fit their needs. Stopped paying so I could not continue to work. Now they claim that they do not owe me the money because I did not continue to work for a one year period. Claim we had a verbal contract (which we did not) so they do not have to pay me. Still working with Small Claims Court to get my money. Will post results as soon as the are available. What a horrible way to treat hard working people that only want to be paid for their work. I never quit or gave notice of not working. Only that I could not work until the paid me up to date. A couple thousand dollars still owed and they refuse to pay.
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Scott Middleton had the balls to call me from his new job with another company to see if I was available to drive. Said Black Diamond had closed their doors and was no longer in business.

I haven't verified that. Can't believe he had the nerve to call.

He lies like a rug. Grrrrrrrrrr


The message was for Jan not by Jan. Sorry...


If you know a lawyer that would take the case and represent a few of us I would consider it. The lawyer I had said it would cost more than it was worth.

I just hate to see them get away with it.

They owe an Air Transport company over $60,000.00. They sued for a lien and won but not sure if they got their money or not.


I know this will be expense but if enough of us come together it should not cost that much money if we all pursue the same lawyer..


I've tried. I can't get anyone to take the case unless I pay out more money.

Sooner or later they will get there due justice and hopefully we will get our money.

I don't have anymore money to pay out. :cry


I dont think its a waste of time to sue them. They will have to pay you, even if they have to sell their assets...


Just got my 1099 with the same problem. Over $2500 more than they actually paid me.

I'm sending a complaint to the IRS for incorrect 1099. Tried to send email to transportationbilling@***.us and it was kicked back as I'm not authorized to email that address. Just sent out more to other emails at the company plus their attorney (who is a joke). I won my judgement in Small Claims Court on Nov.

29th 2011 and have not received payment. Waste of money. "Where is Tanya Harding when you need her"? ha ha You can file a Form 4852 with the correct information after Feb.

14th and attempts to contact Black Diamond. Contact the IRS @ 800-829-**** for assistance.

Have Black Diamonds address, phone number, and Tax ID ready. GOOD LUCK!


They ripped me off too. Same scenario as you.

I'm calling the Pompano Police class action! :( :( :( :(


They ripped me off too. Same scenario as you. I'm calling the Pompano Police class action!


Your wasting your time and money even if you win in small claims they still won't pay

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