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USAA Representatives Lie and Don't Keep Records of Transactions

I'm currently very disappointed with USAA. I never had a problem with them until this year but, the situation was enough to really anger me. I recently closed out a checking account to create a new one because I felt like my information from my last checking account had been compromised. Naturally, in the process I switched all of my automatic bill payments over to my new checking account. USAA kept turning my autopayments off and charged me late fees and then when I confronted a manager about the situation, all they could tell me was that they keept turning my automatic payments off and had no records in their memo's that I had attempted to fix the situation with them. I think they were trying to make a quick buck off of me. Details are below: This is when all of the problems started: I closed my original checking account on the 28th of October and switched over my automatic bill pay information so that all of my bill money would be drafted out of my new checking account. The representative I spoke with that day told me that everything was fine and my bank drafts were correctly set up. After noticing nothing had been drafted, I called them on the 6th of November. They had told me that my automatic payments had been canceled for whatever reason so I paid the late fees and restarted the automatic payments on the 7th of November. Guess what?!? I called, USAA on the 28th of November demanding to know why again I had noticed that my account had not been drafted for my bills. The representative that I spoke with that day, Jim, assured me that everything was set up, but the deduction just hadn't "reflected yet". I called them on the 3rd of December, again to ask them why my account was still not being drafted, just to get the run around. Once again they told me that my bank draft had been canceled. I was pretty ticked off so I spoke with a manager named Tricia, who told me some lame excuse as to why they couldn't give me back the late fees for not having my bank account drafted. Even worse, they could prove that I had been calling them, but because the representatives never did their jobs and typed out memos of what was actually being discussed during our conversations the manager couldn't prove that I was attempting to do the right thing and pay my bills. Fair warning: DO NOT trust them with automatic payments or documenting important information on your account. Apparently, if you want to sleep well at night, you have to do their jobs behind them. In this case, what am I paying them for right? I'm currently looking to take my business elsewhere. Once I do find a new company, I'll be promptly shifting all of my accounts and investments because when it comes to finances, the last thing you want are mediocre, greedy, unhelpful people behind a desk, who don't keep track of their transactions and memorandums handling your accounts for you. -El
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