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I tried to login to my BofA mortgage account, and it seems like EVERY TIME I login, something change with my validation questions, or site key. I tried to call them as it is only 8:30 EST time and all I get is there *** automated system, and after wading through countless menus, I am told they are CLOSED..........CLOSED, this is one of the biggest freakin' banks in the world and they cannot help their customers 24hrs a day?!?! B of A............WAKE THE *** UP BRIAN MOYNAHAN!!! 1.) Straighten out issues with your convoluted and cluster of a website, I should not have to select what state I am in to login, it is called Geo-caching, look into it, and fix your security challenge issues. I am a 16yr IT guy, and I have NEVER been through so many issues with your website being "temporarily unavailable", FIX THE PROBLEMS! I hate to think of what a non-IT person goes through trying to navigate the issues on your website. 2.)CREATE REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: I don't care for your TV ads touting you are the best, your NOT! A real bank that gives 1/2 a rip about their customers would have 24x7x365 customer service and NOT be closed on the weekend when people actually have time to address issues (most of which ARE created by B of A automation) After the County Wide merger, I have had NOTHING but issues while dealing with B of A. Mr Moynahan, you nor any of your exec cronies are worth a $1.00 if you guys cannot even keep a website intact, easy to use, and available 24x7. If you you are not going to have phone agents available 24x7, then I might suggest you beef up your IT infra as I have been left with no other option tonight other than to chat with a *** IVR........this is NOT customer service. Stop trying to save a $ so you can improve your chances at a big fat bonus, and put the customers FIRST! That is it, I am done and plan to spread this message to as many sites as I can. I AM a paying customer, always current on my mortgage (other than when your systems screw something up), and I am pi$$ed of at the way you do business. Signed- Shopping for a new mortgage in Charlotte
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