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Mavrix Motorsports - Put Gear Oil in My Transmission!

On November 3, 2011 I brought my Honda motor scooter to Mavrix motorsports in Middletown, NY (a certified Honda service repair shop) for a routine oil change and a transmission fluid change. When I arrived I was told by the service technician that my motor scooter did not have a transmission and therefore he could not change the transmission fluid. I asked him if he had a service manual for the bike and he told me he looked it up online, so I attempted to show him mine. The service technician refused to look at my manual, stating "I got my information online". We went back and forth for a few minutes about this, with him getting more and more upset with me. All Honda certified stations are supposed to use the service manual for all repairs; this is a trusted Honda system. This business did not even look at the manual for my repair. I then asked him to just change the oil and that I would take care of the transmission fluid myself, to "not touch it". About a half an hour later when the service was supposedly done I was informed that they found the "transmission" (they called it by another name, the wrong name) and told me that they added gear oil! This was a problem; a BIG one. Another problem was when they went to start the scooter they did not close the dip stick cap and oil sprayed out all over the place emptying my oil tank. I want to add here that I was being verbally abused (yelled at) by not only the service technician but by the owner of the business because I was questioning the "service" I was receiving. I asked the service technician to speak with my husband on the phone regarding my husband's confusion and concerns that the Mavrix mechanic was not following the official Honda service manual's protocol for draining and filling the transmission. The mechanic promptly became frustrated and hung up on my husband, and then threw my cell phone at me as he walked away. I was sent off to drive my bike this way. Completely a hazard, I could have been severely injured or injured someone else. I was concerned for my and others safety and felt afraid to be on my motorcycle at that moment. I drove less than one mile and called the American Honda service center for motorbikes. I was told by the technician on the phone that I should not drive the bike at all, that the gear oil will completely destroy the transmission, if it has not already and I will need to replace the transmission. I had to have the bike towed. I brought my bike in for simple maintenance and came out with a great big expensive problem. I proceeded to call the owner of the business. The owner proceeded to not listen to me; he became extremely verbally abusive to me, unapologetic, uncaring, and blamed me for his technician's lack of knowledge. I then asked him to speak with Honda directly if he did not believe me and the owner was then told by Honda that Mavrix did indeed make a BIG mistake. Finally, they did do a "repair" an inadequate flushing of the transmission, not replacing the transmission or checking it for damage. They took no responsibility for the potential damage done to my vehicle (this is my only means of transportation and I rely on it…and they know that). In conclusion, I will now need to go have my scooter serviced and the transmission fully inspected at another service station, as it is not performing as it did previously. I am highly concerned for my safety on the road due to this. The service center of my choosing will let me know if I need a new transmission. Throughout the duration of this horrible experience, I was being verbally assaulted by the owner of this business; meanwhile expressing a distinct lack of caring of his customer's safety. I do not want this to happen to anyone else.
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Hear oil will not hurt that transmission plenty of motocross racers and motor enthusiasts run hear oil for the high temp properties and better lubrication on cold start ... sadly you were miss informed about it destroying your tranny just so they could bait you in for service !!!! Maverix is an amazing shop and they always get it done right the first time I have had several professional repairs to my machines there and they always go above and beyond what's needed


That is false for this machine


That is not at all like I remember it, even though there was nothing wrong with the service we performed. I personally took you home from work gave you cab money for the next day to go to work.Then the verry next day did a fluid changed and returned to you for you to drive home that night.

We bent over backwords to satisfy you, but some people will never be satisfied.


Meh...Sounds more like misunderstanding than a legitimate problem.

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