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Worked at mcdonalds so I'll list there illegal health and food safty violations and poor employement

Ok get this I have worked there for 6 months now .I quit that ***, cause they never said plunging tollits to be in the description and now I can't get a recommendation for my months of ***...don't work for them your feel like a tool and clown wearing their ugly uniform and have to work like a dog for minimum pay... you can work ANYWHERE else and easily make more for less... Exhaust all your options and deeply consider what your getting into if you decide to work for their evil corporation... Now for the disgusting part cause I hate them... my confession of there food and working conditions 1. There food expires after 30 min but hrs later same burger in that warming tray... yummy right 2. Most employees don't wash there hand properly I seen it with my own two eyes man 3. there burger cost 75c but you pay 4.50 for your **** mac that has 540cal 4. There tables are usually hardly wiped down.. unless there happens to be someone who's happy there 5. Even when your trying your best it's not good enough 6. Lets say they have the wrong setting on there 38 second burger while guess what, same meet is put down on the proper setting now. Your getting a very very well done burger... Is that worth 4.50 7. Your breaks are not paid for.. they used to be though 8. If you as so much forget your belt...boom your written up 9. They are a cheap company that will through your drink away if it's there and your not... and not let you get another even though the screen is empty but tell you instead that it's her restaurant and she knows it better... WTF? the screens blank and no ones ordering from front 10. only 10c raise after 6 mounts ya now i make 8.85 instead of 8.75... BS 11. There grills.. I mean two big clamps that are hot with no flame needed... They never get cleaned and so that grease and burned burger pieces go onto your big mac I could List more but I'd be here all day so there your go.. if you still eat there... just think of this... and as for working there enjoy *** on earth
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I used to work for Mcdonalds, but because I was pregent and calling in they made me work shifts with only new people or to little people, so was fired for to many customer complaints, but still have people tell me i was the nicest.But guess who still works there the people who q mcgriddles and serve them, people who don't temp the food, people who don't care about quility. WHATEVER.

Plus as manager made only five cents more than crew. :?


Most of your complaints are pathetic and without merit.

Unless required by law, most companies won't pay for your break periods.

Be happy that you got a raise at all. If your grammar skill is any reflection of your work skill and ethic, that would explain a lot about the 10 cent only raise.

Is a belt a required part of your work uniform? If you don't come to work in the required uniform, they are right in writing you up.

If you see something that needs cleaned, take some initiative and pride in your job (unless they wont allow you to of course) and do it yourself.

As for proper handwashing, that is nasty and you should file a complaint with the local health department.

Welcome to the real world, son.


glad you quit, don't take no *** from no one.


Contratuations on graduating. I would not be surprised if these things actually happened. I remember having to wipe the table myself taking my two boys to the restaurant once.

I know that being in highschool it is "uncool" to tell, but if employees are not washing their hands properly you could have mentioned it without giving your name.

Irish, coming from someone who told my then nine year old son to tell me and his teachers to eff off because it means the same as have a nice day on complaintsboard I would say you are a troll. Who cares if this person made a few spelling errors/typos, this is the internet, besides I have seen posters on here type much worse than my son would. Some letters you have to read them dozen of times to understand them. I can understand what this person is saying.


Not from the USA!

And seeing as this article is 2 years old from when I made it, I now have a grade 12 education. And am about to finish up my A+ certification.

And maybe this is not everywere, I'm mainly saying it does happen. And who cares about my spelling, I know it sucked back then.



i know exactly what you mean when you say "you have to be illegal and speak a little or no English at all". even up here in washington state its getting that way.

i've been on unemployment for 5 months now because no one is looking for an english speaking person. everywhere i applied at so far has required bi-lingual speaking persons. even for the simple forklift operator jobs. thankfuly this wednesday i have an interview at the hospital here in town to clean rooms.

its the same as housekeeping at a motel but pays a lot more. a LOT more. it *** me off how many illegals are in this country and somehow taking our jobs.

i thought you need documentation that you are legal citizen to get a job here. whats happening to our country?!?!


:grin I do not visit McDonald's very often for personal reasons, mainly the fat content of the food. However, every McDonald's I have ever been in has been clean.

The primary complaint I have is in Texas, most of the employees do not speak English. It used to be where a kid could get a job there but no more. You have to be illegal and speak a little or no English at all. Now I will say I do not let my kids in the play area because it does smell and is not always clean.

However, the food area is always clean. Sicksensation I would suggest you first learn the English language from school, looks like you dropped out from your spelling and then go find a job. Wait - are you one of these people who is waiting on Obama to make your life better on the work of others? Sure sounds like it.

Last - don't make comments in anger they can always get you in trouble. Make sure you have facts.

You know what facts are don't you? The truth.


well all i can say is my wife is a manager at the McDonks here and makes sure everyone does their job right. the employees DO wash their hands properly here.

everything is properly cleaned every day. you must be in cali where teens don't give a rats *** about cleanliness or sanitation practices. i pity you.

and your pathetic store. here is my advice to you: go back to school and get a better education and then get a better job and quit your ***.


No. I only got a discount, 50% I think it was. But I still had to pay for the food.


(breaks not paid for)DO u not get free food for u break worth more than u would earn in a hour?

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