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Chihuahua Tire Shop - Damaged my vehicle

I took my vehicle for an oil change. They decided to do air check without asking me. They didn't ask or I would have told them not to touch the tires, that the valve covers were stuck on. They forced them (2) off causing over $150 in damage to the tire sensors then wouldn't repair the damage they caused. They wanted me to purchase the tire sensors and let them put them on. I contacted the BBB to no use because this tire place lied about the situation to them. The BBB took their word and most likey some $ to close the complaint for them. So my complaint did no good. If your smart you"l stay away from these crooks !!!!!
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nothing fishy about someone doing unatthorized maintinance to your vehicle without your permission or consent!! My computer on my vehicle checks everything each time It is started.

Do you have such bad tires you need to check them all the time or don't know how to look at them and tell when they are low.

As the proffesional driver I am I can seen when they are low and need air. There are ways to check tires without gages or breaking the valves or covers !


my tires have a computer that lets me know when my tires are low ! I also am a professional driver who knows when the tires are low as well as how to check them without breaking the valve stems or covers. For courtsey checks they need to ask if you would like one before they just go ahead and do it without your knowledge or permission otherwise it is unintentional vandilism you should repair.


There is something fishy about your complaint. Tire pressures should be checked once per month, and your valve covers were "stuck on"?

Do you also have your driver's door superglued in the closed position?

Most garages will check your tire pressure as a courtesy, you should have been prepared for that probability if there was something unusual about your tire valve covers. :cry

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