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Grossinger Toyota - Did not honor advertisement

They advertised 2012 Toyota Camry LE for $16,703 for black Friday. The advertisement says "First Come Basis". So what as a consumer one understand "First Come Basis" mean? Who reach to the dealership first right? I was in lot day before 11 PM as the advertised price looks really good. This was gift to my parents their first new car so I did not wanted to let it go. We waited 6 hours to be first person in line. I guess as a consumer searching for car would know this is a good price and there would be only few cars for the price (According to advertisement only 1 as it has only 1 VIN). Also as someone shopping for black friday would know how they handle this kind of deal. When Mark Krochman and team opened door they let everyone in at the same time, still people around me let me go first as they knew I was first in line. (Also for few minutes before opening door, they were shooting and they knew how many people there waiting for this Toyota Camry 2012). So I started talking to one sales person and the moment we went to his desk I showed him the ad and told him why I was there. He started putting information in computer. There are couple of things he did which was weird to me, he was trying to tell me if I am financing then I should consider leasing car, even when I told him I am going to keep the car (I know the difference between lease and own the car). During this time I told him at least 4 times asking how many Camry are for that price and to make sure I get that car. His response is that I will get the car. After putting few things in computer he said he will go outside get the car out. He comes back in 10 minutes and said the car is already sold (The moment he went out other person who was waiting with us in line told me the car is already sold). I was not believing at that moment but when the sales guy comes back in he told me the same thing. Just imagine how you feel when you did all from your side waiting for 6 hours, sleeping in car for good deal and you get this. Of course asking for the same price for another car would be NO. I was really frustrated and tired because of sleep. I have told him that I am there since 11 PM but the sales guy's response was really shocking. I am sorry but it was like so what. When I told him why they did not hand out ticket or something to the first person as all other store does. As if the sales guy was joking on me said he has not seen anyone do it. I went to talk to manager Mark Krochmal and his response was the same. I have told that I will pay the current price, no negotiation just want to get this deal done. I have never shown any intention of not taking the current deal. My question is simple, They knew they have only 1 car for that price so why they did not give it to first person/ Why there was no effort to find out who is the first person in line?. There was no effort from anyone to find it out. Yes Mark did called me on Friday and offer me car for $17,703. Really? Why I was in line for 6 hours? Why I was awake for 6 hours? Was it my mistake that you did not thought this though? It is really sad to see the way they treated the whole situation. It was disappointed day for me.
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