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USAA - The WORST insurance in the world!

And if you are in the Military - STAY FAR AWAY from these crooks! My brother-in-law is in the Navy and is out to sea a lot, his wife got in a wreck in his car (her name is not on the car) and USAA treated her like ***, told us there was nothing they could do without a power of attorney from him - but then they told him they had picked up the car and were charging him storage - the car was sitting in his driveway the whole time! To top it off, my 9 year old grandson was in the car at the time of the accident and received a neck injury - they are now saying his medical treatment was not necessary and they don't want to pay the doctor bill - wait until I contact an attorney, will see what a Judge says about screwing a 9 year old out of treatment!
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If his wife's name was listed on the policy, they wouldn't have had any trouble. If she was an unlisted household driver, that is a big no-no.

You are paying premiums for 1 driver..of course they are going to give you problems.

And if the vehicle was on a storage discount while being parked in the driveway....they shouldn't pay the claim at all. Its a storage discount for a reason.


Not having a PoA is just plain ***. Of course a PoA is required to do anything is someone else's name.

How would you feel if just anybody was allowed to do something in your name, that is called fraud. Her name should have been on the insurance even if she didn't own the car.

I have had no issues, because I have a power of attorney and was covered like I should be. That's why they give you the option of insuring others on your insurance policy.


I had an accident in my husband's car while he was on deployment for a year and USAA covered me and my children 100%. I was listed as a driver on his account.

I am sorry but if your brother in law is out to see all the time and didn't give his wife PoA, I am not sure that was a good move at all, especially when it comes to housing issues. Every single deployment my husband or I have been on, we had to give someone we trusted PoA before we could even deploy.

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