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Yellowstone Recovery - they do nothing but post fake positive reviews, then take your money

Take a look at all the "glowing" reviews on this site for them, all usually posted within minutes of each other. Who goes on to a "pissed consumer" site just to praise a company? Also notice that the accounts that post these praises only have that one post, they do not compliment any other company. The fact that they try to scam the public like this is not uncommon these days, but the fact that they are preying on druggies and whatnot is deplorable. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, go to your doctor and get his/her recommendation; don't throw your life away at this establishment.
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Yellowstone Recovery preys on vulnerable addicts. Their advertising is deceptive and business practices questionable.

The web ads are slick and lure customers to a program that has inadequate and untrained paid staff to supervise treatment of recovering addicts. Please be ware, your health may be at risk if you attempt to detox in one of their facilities


"Good Day Sir" to you as well. I often post comments on companies' fake posts themselves, but I made a special post for your company because of the fact that you have posted way too many fake positive reviews.

I am on this site way too much, though. There is something incredibly addictive about it (speaking of addictions).

And I don't see my doctor to treat my addiction; I see him to *feed* it. Prescription meds beat booze any day of the week. Plus, insurance pays for it!


LOL Steverock. Looks like you struck a nerve with the author of all the bogus compliments for this Yellowstone garbage. WTG


Good Day Sir, I would just like it to be pointed out that you too only have one review posted. Your only post is on this company.

Pot calling the kettle black? I think so.

Is there some reason you specifically target this page? Have you seen a doctor about your addiction?

What did he tell you? That you need treatment like the services this company provides? Throwing your life away is living with untreated alcoholism.

You may want to look at the posts on here 4/5 of them are reviews from different people all praising this company. It is the 1/5 people like you who come on here and post useless and inaccurate dribble because you did not get your way that cuases the need for companies to ask their many satisfied clients to come on here and post reviews to push those like yours down.

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