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Kia Motors - Don't buy a Kia.

I bought a new 2012 Kia Sorento in the EX model. On the website, it states on the model web page that the EX model comes with 18 inch wheels. There is no where on this web page that states that it could come with any other wheels if you have the EX model. We bought the 2012 Kia Sorento EX and realized now a couple of months later that our vehicle has 17 inch wheels instead of the 18 inch wheels. When we called them this month, they stated that they had production issues and had EX models made with 17 inch wheels. They never told us about this production issue at the time of our sale and it is not stated anywhere on any of the documentations that we signed that we were getting 17 inch wheels. They then e-mailed us stating that it states in fine print on their website that: Kia Canada Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice, and without any obligations as to colours, materials, specifications, features, accessories, packages, models and any applicable programs. Some vehicles shown may include optional equipment or may not be exactly as shown. Kia Canada Inc., by the dissemination of this material, does not create any warranties, either expressed or implied, to any Kia products. This is only on one page of their website, under features and specifications (not under models). I believe that this is sneaky and dishonest of them. As well, we never signed any documentations that have this statement. Our conditions of sale states: The motor vehicle described herein includes the motor vehicle as described on the front side of this agreement, together with all attachments, accessories, options and additions thereto whether attached, affixed or installed on the motor vehicle before or after the date of this Agreement,..." It just states on the front of our condition of sales that we bought a 2012 Kia Sorento model no SR75DC They are not willing to give us 18 inch wheels (which is what is advertised with the Kia Sorento EX) due to this fine print since they can replace anything/materials in their car (well, stated in their fine print). That means they could even replace air bags or the engine without notice! I also don't trust if their warranty is valid since it seems they can change anything at any time. The company just seems untrustworthy and the customer service is terrible. I can't believe that they'd rather lose possibly tons of thousands of dollars (letting all our friends and families, people on the web know about our situation) than to give us the 18 inch wheels. I would recommend buying a European car or a Toyota instead. Now I know not to buy a Kia again.
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I cant believe that they do that. They are very lawyered up and will temp you to buy and you have to make sure every little thing before you buy.

Its so unfair how they do that stuff. let me tell you that they cant get the parts dept right not one time I got right parts for my car. I got stuck with a different cargo liner that they said it was right and in the system it said it was right. They make so many changes and do not give anyone any way even the employees to know whats right from wrong.

Screw those hamster commercials and the way they mislead customers. the warranty cant be transferred to 100k to a second owner too thats in the fine print.


Funny the link you posted less than a month ago no longer exists. Sounds fishy if you ask me. I hope they fixed your problem for good PR but I am doubting it since you have not revisited this link to confirm you were taken care of proper.


I to just bought a Kia Sportage EX.

It is may understanding that when I bought the "AWD" option the tire size went from 17" to 18".



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